Glamping delights nature’s lovers of luxury

by Sofia Casillas

The way of camping is evolving into something much more glamorous. Glamorous camping, also known as glamping, is a growing trend in the United States. This alternative way of camping allows outdoor lovers a chance to enjoy nature’s landmarks in style.

“Glamping is upscale camping in which a tent large enough to walk through replaces the pup tent, bedding takes the place of the sleeping bag, a nice rug covers the plastic ground floor and campers use real barware instead of Dixie cups,” TravelBlogs writer Tammie Dooley said.

Glamping is still as eco-friendly as camping but offers new perks to the camping experience. When glamping, campers have the luxury of sleeping in large canvas tents adorned with comfortable mattresses and silky bedsheets without the worries of pests or rocky floors.

“In short, it’s more comfortable, civilized camping,” Dooley said. “Face it, we’re all getting older. Our fuse for tolerating the heat and bugs and lack of comfy slippers and a shower is short(er).”

Another benefit is the additional free time campers receive without the hassle of setting up a campsite. Glamping sites provide guests with either a top-notch teepee, large tent or cabin. Just like a hotel, glamping sites offer a kitchen with appliances, bathroom, furniture, dishware and a television.

Oftentimes campers aren’t able to fully enjoy nature’s wonders while camping the traditional way. However, when glamping, campers are able to experience hiking, biking, swimming, barbecuing, drinking and relaxing while situated in the great outdoors.

For example, at Santee Lakes a mere 15-minute drive east from campus, outdoor enthusiasts are able to stay in either waterfront or floating cabins that include amenities such as beds, full sets of dishware, microwaves, refrigerators, bathrooms, TVs, Wi-Fi, bonfire pits, porches and grills. Each cabin houses four or six people for only $100 a night Sunday through Thursday and $125 per night on weekends.

However, for those who find themselves in a financial rut, there are a few tips for how to glamp out the next camping trip. First, buy a big tent with room to move around in. This will give the place a luxurious aura and will make it feel homier. Secondly, bring chairs. Add a few chairs to the inside of the tent and then some outside near the tent entrance. The chairs can be used during a bonfire and can also inspire a lavish feel. When glamping, the mattress should never touch the floor and should always be covered in a luxurious bed set. To raise the bed, buy a stand, or bed risers. Not only will this allow for an upscale feel, but it will also create storage space underneath the bed. Other tips for creating the ambiance of an upscale glamping site may be to bring a bottle of wine, dishware, lanterns / candles, a self-designed shower or a television.

Although glamping may sound like an expensive trip, many sites are financially reasonable and run from $100 – $150 a night. After all, who can turn down the rustic luxury of savored smores atop a down comforter beneath the stars?