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Grouplove lives up to its name in captivating a San Diego performance

The band made a memorable stop at the Observatory North Park during their national tour
Luli Harrison
Grouplove performed at the Observatory North Park as part of their national tour on March 5

Grouplove treated audience members to an unforgettable night filled with contagious energy, love and dancing at the Observatory North Park in San Diego on March 5.

The indie pop band formed in 2009 and has built a passionate fanbase. Distinguished by their lively and uplifting spirit, Grouplove continues to produce new hits, and fans eagerly attend their concerts.

Grouplove’s “Rock and Roll You Won’t Save Me” 2024 tour is off to a powerful start and is selling out across the country. 

This is the band’s first headlining tour in years and it features the group’s latest album “I Want it All Right Now” and their new single “Chances.”

At the forefront of the band, Hannah Hooper plays the keyboard and sings with her husband, Christian Zucconi, who also plays guitar. The dynamic duo is backed by Daniel Gleason on bass, with Andrew Wessen as the lead guitarist and Ben Homola on drums.

Bully, an alternative rock artist, is opening for Grouplove on their national tour.

With hints of punk and indie, the solo artist demonstrated a dynamic and enthralling set. Bully sat down at the piano to perform their hit song “Lose You.” The crowd swayed together and was collectively mesmerized by their alluring vocals.

Anticipation began to build as Grouplove came closer to taking the stage.

The Beatles’ iconic song “Come Together” began to play and the crowd took on a whole new energy. Within the small and intimate venue,

Bully, an alternative rock artist, opened for Grouplove

people of all ages and backgrounds began interacting with one another, dancing around and singing.

Yesenia Marenco, a San Diego Mesa College student and an avid Grouplove listener, waited enthusiastically.

 “I love to listen to Grouplove’s music because it instantly improves my mood every time,”  Marenco said.

As soon as the band entered the stage, the room filled with exhilaration. Grouplove began their performance with an explosion of energy, playing “Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten.” 

From the beginning, it was obvious that Grouplove has genuine chemistry. Smiling from ear to ear the whole concert, each band member had a joyful vibe that contributed to the exuberant atmosphere of the show.

Hooper and Zucconi engaged with the audience throughout their set. They made jokes, asked questions and encouraged the audience to jump around and make some noise. 

“What a beautiful beat we had all together,”  Hooper said to the crowd.

Later in the set, the band began to play “Tongue Tied.” As one of the most anticipated songs of the night, the crowd sang their hearts out to the nostalgic 2011 hit song.

Grouplove is known for encouraging its audience to be playful and embrace their inner child — and they did not disappoint in this sense.

Not only did Grouplove bring out a sense of inclusivity and connection but Hooper also spoke to the audience about embracing creativity.

The band transitioned into songs off their new album “I Want It All Right Now.” The music of this album encompasses a slow and ethereal vibe as it emphasizes self-discovery and transformation. 

As Hooper and Zucconi harmonized together to their song “Cream,” the audience watched in awe.

Following this song, the band abruptly ran off the stage. Although Grouplove did not perform some of their most well-known songs, the audience began to chant for an encore.

Grouplove came back out with the same spirited energy as they had at the beginning and performed “Welcome to Your Life,” “Raspberry” and “Colours.”

Mandi Lara and Lea Jensen traveled from Las Vegas to see Grouplove, their favorite band. At the end of the show, Lara and Jensen left the show feeling fulfilled by their journey to San Diego. 

“I really loved ‘Colours.’ It’s the one they played at the very last at the very end of the show. It was honestly just magical. They’re just  amazing. The energy was so amazing,”  Jensen said.

Like Lara and Jensen, the rest of the crowd left with everlasting memories. 

Grouplove provided an extraordinary night of celebrating love and euphoria through their defying music, warmth and community spirit.