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How to romanticize college life

Unlike the movies, college life is difficult, so make everyday a little more exciting
Photo Courtesy of Isabella Dallas

As much as we would love to believe we are living in a movie, the harsh reality is we are not. 

The Hollywood version of college is the best and most thrilling journey to experience. In the real world, life can be boring and when you’re in college, school becomes your life. It’s dull, exhausting and inevitably repetitive. Before you realize it, you’re in the library at 4:30 in the morning, wondering how you let it get this far. 

It’s time to romanticize college. 

Turn the mundane into excitement and be the main character in your own life. Think about where the current adaptation of your college life falls on the Rotten Tomatoes film scale: Is it “fresh” or “rotten?” If the positive reviews are less than 60%, then here’s a quick guide to making even your walk to class your new favorite college flick.     

The Morning Montage 

Act as if your morning routine were the subject of a montage in a movie. Open your windows (fresh air does wonders) and dramatically breathe in the morning breeze. I’m not suggesting a sunrise gym session (who are we kidding?), but to tap into that “main character” energy that’s been asleep for a little too long. Wake up, drink some water and put on an outfit you feel good in. Who says campus can’t be a runway? It’s true, if you look good you feel good. Every good film starts with a killer getting-ready montage where the protagonist is able to set the tone for the next 90 minutes, so make yourself a priority and look amazing while doing it. 

The Playlist 

This is arguably the most important step. Life’s just one playlist away from being perfectly soundtracked. Make a morning playlist, a workout playlist, a cooking playlist, a midnight playlist, a walking to class playlist and a playlist for every other mundane moment of your college life. You’ll truly feel like the main character in the midst of their fun coming-of-age story. You can even mix in a podcast or an audiobook; be the character you’re reading about or the celebrity who gives you their unsolicited advice. Let putting on headphones be your temporary escape. Yes, crafting the perfect playlist with the best songs can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, the veteran romanticizers have got you covered. Open Spotify, go straight to the search bar, type in “romanticizing college/school,” and you’ll have your choice of the perfect premade playlists (you can also listen to mine on Spotify here). There’s no excuse to not be strutting around campus. 

The Reward

Yes, I know technically a reward comes after an accomplishment, but isn’t it fun getting a treat? The stars in these movies always have mouth-watering snacks and drinks on-hand that look so good you just want to reach into the screen and grab them. It’s your turn. While this may not be a crucial step, it’s definitely up there. Never underestimate the power of a fun-beverage.

The Study Spot

Let’s be real, you might not have time or money for much else outside of taking classes, but please forget about the library. Go somewhere that exudes liveliness, not somewhere that’s renowned for sucking up your soul. Maybe it’s a cafe off campus, a secret spot at the student union or on the lawn outside. Buy an overpriced latte (see… fun beverage above), open your laptop and pretend the cafe is your very own office – coffee shops are the ultimate romanticized workplace.

The Close-Up

Don’t just take photos of special occasions – take pictures of everyday life. There really is beauty in the little things. College campuses are filled with small treasures, they’re just yet to be discovered. Taking pictures is like journaling, but easier and with a little more flair. So, embrace the outtakes of your life and pay attention to the overlooked things happening around you.   

The Side Characters

Fine, we’ll give them more credit – your friends! Cook with them. Romanticize your errands and make them go to CVS or Target with you. Turn mundane tasks into life-long memories. Trust me, with the right people a trip to the post office can turn into an epic story.

The Closing Credits

Now, I’m not saying to completely change your college experience to resemble the plot of “Pitch Perfect” or “Legally Blonde,” but to celebrate yourself and make even the most typical routine feel like your idyllic day to night. When those credits roll, relish in the extraordinary from the ordinary.

About the Contributor
Isabella Dallas
Isabella Dallas, Senior Staff Writer
Originally from San Jose, California, Isabella is currently in her third year at San Diego State University. She is pursuing a major in Journalism, with a minor in Creative Writing. While starting her third year at The Daily Aztec as a Senior Staff Writer, Isabella has discovered her love for covering cultural events and topics with artistic aspects and aesthetic influences. She writes for the Arts and Culture section, where her favorite pieces focus on live music, pop culture, fashion, and differing lifestyles. She can also be found writing about TV, books, and her many other obsessions. When Isabella isn’t sitting at a coffee shop writing articles or reading a new book, you’ll find her devouring the latest issues of Vogue and Rolling Stones. Her only life goal is to one day interview Harry Styles—any leads are gratefully welcomed.