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Willow Pill’s ‘God’s Child’ tour captivates House of Blues San Diego with a unique blend of drag and storytelling

From “RuPaul’s Drag Race” to a deeply personal tour, Pill’s performance shows a transformative journey
Phoenix Miller
Willow Pill performs at the House of Blues as part of their “God’s Child” tour

Willow Pill’s “God’s Child” tour, diverging from traditional drag shows, premiered at San Diego’s House of Blues on April 6, marking the first of Willow Pill’s solo North American tour stops in 2024. 

This particular event, which was the sixth of 21 planned shows, not only highlighted Willow Pill’s unique performance style but also transformed the venue into a theater-like atmosphere. 

Emerging as  the winner of the 14th season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, Willow Pill has broadened their artistic horizons into music. With singles like “Angle” and contributions to the season 14 album on streaming platforms, Willow Pill brings a growth that parallels their drag performance artistry. 

With “God’s Child,” Willow Pill shared their life’s narrative, touching on their upbringing and evolution into a D-list celebrity blending humor, visual artistry and a flair for the dramatic, redefining what audiences expect from drag entertainment. 

Opening with a unique performance of “Amazing Grace” and sporting a hairstyle echoing their childhood, Willow Pill immediately signaled to the audience that they were about to experience a show far from the ordinary.

“God’s Child” defies categorization, merging stand-up, storytelling tinged with nerves but rich in wit, and drag performances of varying irreverence.

Integral to the show were Willow Pill’s edited videos, showcasing a talent honed by a background in video production. These segments, far from mere fillers, revealed Willow Pill’s adept use of multimedia to enhance the narrative, adding a dynamic layer to the performance. 

Amid the show’s transitions, Willow Pill shared candid monologues with the audience, humorously discussing the changes and experiences encountered since the conclusion of “Drag Race.”

“Life after Drag Race has done very well, I can say anything now, and everyone agrees with me,” Willow Pill said. “Saying things like, ‘who loves being gay.’”

Willow Pill recounted the whirlwind of life post-“Drag Race,” from traveling globally and rubbing shoulders with celebrities like Rihanna and Ariana Grande to unique experiences in Puerto Vallarta. 

Willow Pill performs at the House of Blues

All throughout the show, Willow Pill openly shared personal experiences, including their chronic illness, a significant kidney transplant and the complexities of an upbringing in an evangelical household where queerness and health were at odds with familial views.

This narrative deeply resonated, particularly when Willow Pill touched on the passing of their sister, adding a profound layer to the challenges of navigating identity, health and spirituality amid loss.

Accompanied by two dancers, Willow Pill’s performance was punctuated with dynamic dance breaks set to impactful songs, each carrying significant meaning. 

Highlights included “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses, “I’m Not Done (Still Not Done Mix)” by Fever Ray, “Woman” by Angel Olsen and”We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters, weaving a narrative through music that underscored the thematic journey of the show.

As the show’s roaring applause faded, Dawn Reynolds, a geography graduate student at San Diego State University, offered insights into Willow Pill’s impactful drag performance and its artistic significance.

“I’m obsessed with ‘Drag Race’ and Pill was incredible that season and I wanted to come see her in person. I love how personal she got with her story,” Reynolds said. “I think like, I just love drag, I love how you can even express every form of art in drag and like that’s why I love it.”

To stay updated on Willow Pill’s latest events and for more behind-the-scenes content, follow their Instagram

For details on upcoming shows and events at House of Blues San Diego, visit its website.

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