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    Name: Trenton Villanueva

    Major: Journalism and Media Studies

    Age: 21

    On Music, or something:

    German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once uttered, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” While I agree with the wisdom of Mr. Nietzsche, I share a stronger sentiment with the wisdom of Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, who said, “Music feeds me.”

    Perhaps for me, truer words have never been said. Music is indeed something I use as a form of sustenance, both emotionally and spiritually. When I’m at home, I’m playing music. If I’m feeling a certain way, I know I have an album that I can throw on my turntable, or iTunes playlist, that reflects the way I am feeling. And that’s special.

    Music is something that each and every person has a unique relationship with. Some people just like listening to whatever is on the radio, like Green Day. Others buy the 10-disc Neil Young archive on Blu-ray, or import 7-inch Art Brut singles from Britain just to get the B-sides. The act of enjoying music presents itself with such a large spectrum in so many different ways… that is something special. Or something.

    So, in conclusion, music is important. Read this blog.

    Best concert EVER:

    I’ve seen Modest Mouse live three times at various arenas around San Diego, and its shows have always been fun-filled and action-packed, even though the band’s probable excessive alcohol use sometimes affects Isaac Brock’s ability to actually play guitar. Radiohead is also always a good show. But the best was probably Pearl Jam here at San Diego State.

    San Diego’s Top 5 Music Venues

    1. The Casbah (duh)

    2. Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre

    3. Viejas Arena

    4. The Ruby Room

    5. SDSU Open Air Amphitheatre

    Trenton Villanueva is a senior and was born at Sharp Hospital in San Diego. As a child, he was reared on the music of Queen and Blue Oyster Cult almost exclusively. He has since expanded his palate substantially. He now also likes Depeche Mode. He plays the keytar, bass, and sings backup poorly in the band Bad Craziness.

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    BLOGGERS: Trent of J.A.M.