Twin shows style

by Antonio Zaragoza

Antonio Zaragoza, Photo Editor
Antonio Zaragoza, Photo Editor

Opening for Explosions in the Sky last Friday was an exciting new band from Long Island called Twin Sister.

The voice of lead vocalist, Andrea Estella, coupled with the ardent blend of music from bandmates Bryan Ujueta, Eric Cardona, Gabel D’Amico and Udbhav Gupta did much to captivate the audience with a collection of smooth eclectic sounds.

Estella’s voice rang gracefully like the distant sound of church bells chiming on a lazy summer night, as the music brought to mind the sounds of 80s group Cocteau Twins and 90s band Broadcast The band played to a welcoming crowd, which seemed to understand the full potential of this up-and-coming ensemble.

With a new full-length album on the way, expect great things from this fresh new sound.