Run offers thrills and spills under the sun

by Kristen MacBride

Courtesy of KOZ Enterprises
Courtesy of KOZ Enterprises

Races, obstacle courses and triathlons are choice hobbies for a few, rare, enviable, overachieving and energetic people in this world. Most would rather endure milder forms of torture and remain happily on their couches watching “Jersey Shore.” Luckily, KOZ Enterprises has taken pity on the less disciplined by creating a unique, fresh take on the typical race.

They are hosting the Sand Pit 5k next Saturday for all age, skill and endurance levels. This race, though timed, mimics the fun and silliness of a mud run, except on sand. Contestants will make their way through sand and water while tackling eight different obstacles throughout the course. All are sure to enjoy themselves while they frantically climb the 10-foot Sand Everest Mountain, jump the Sand Pit, hunt for treasure, tread through knee-deep sand and overcome obstacles such as the “Hoop-La,” sea crawl, Small Walls of China and Limbo Down. For those who find this too daunting, the event will also have a Sand Puddle race, which is half the distance and only consists of six water and sand obstacles.

This race is meant to be more than a showcase for hours of training and sweating in the gym. KOZ Enterprises will be rewarding all contestants with a free T-shirt, continental breakfast, entertainment, prizes and, of course, awards for the top three finishers of each age group. After the race, there will also be a beer garden for those who are 21 and older and want to drink to their hard work.

The race will take place at Mission Beach, starting and finishing in Belmont Park. Those wanting to register may do so online at Registration is $40 for the eight obstacle 5K and $35 for the six obstacle 2K. If spots are available on the day of the race, participants may still sign up, but for an additional $5. Contestants will be grouped by age and the first race group will begin at 8 a.m. with the beer garden opening at 8:30 a.m. The event wraps up at 11 a.m., unless, of course, contestants want to spend the rest of the day at the beach. This not only is a great chance to spend a Saturday morning in the sun doing something new, fun and refreshing, it’s a chance to give back to the community as all proceeds will be donated to the Mission Valley YMCA.