by Sarah Weinberg

By Sarah Weinberg, Blogger

Thanksgiving break is the perfect time to shine. To pull out all the stops. The time for a wam, bam, pow kind of look. A look that will result in, “Remember how awesome she looked at Thanksgiving 2010?” exclamations years later. One that’ll have relatives flocking to tell you how well school agrees with you.

How good you look. How happy you seem. How freakin’ stylish you are. You’ll smile, maybe even blush. Chalk it up to all the studying you’ve been doing, on CollegeFashionista. So, what better way to make the best first (well, not technically) impression on these people? With an eye-catching, traffic-stopping, jaw-dropping coat of course.

This fall is all about big, bold blocks of color and coats provide the perfect surface to display the trend. With an intense pop of orange, a perfect hue for this time of year, this Fashionista immediately caught my eye. The brightness and long length of her coat could have easily swallowed her up, but the deep V neckline prevents the rectangular-blob-of-color look. To further avoid that dreaded shape, be sure to find a coat with definition at the waist like this Fashionista’s.

While a red peacoat or yellow swing coat may seem like super fun and festive options during Thanksgiving, lean towards shades that will work well with your skin color. After all, your coat reaches from head to hip, maybe even head to knee. That’s a lot of space to fit, so it better flatter! Fairer skin tones look amazing in bold blues and deep purples while darker skin tones look fabulous in shocking pinks and stark whites.

Match your attitude to your coat’s bold one this Thanksgiving. Swing those hips, toss that hair, and keep your chin up a little bit more. No matter the style or color, you’ll be sure to catch many an admirer while visiting home.

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