Crime reports rose for holiday

by Kevin Smead

Halloween weekend proved to be a busy one for the San Diego State Police Department. On Friday morning, two vehicles were reported with their front passenger windows broken. The calls were separated by only an hour, and came from Albert’s College Apartments on 55th Street. The two incidents were believed to have occurred the previous evening.

Friday afternoon at 1:30, SDSUPD received a call for assistance in locating an escaped psychiatric patient in the area around campus. The patient was described as a white male with black hair and was last seen walking toward Jack in the Box and 4.0 Deli. The person has been banned from campus for seven days.

On Friday at 6 p.m., a report was called in regarding a man in Parking Structure 5 carrying an assault rifle. The suspect was described as a 35-year-old heavyset Hispanic male with short black hair. He was seen carrying a green backpack. When police arrived on scene, there was no sign of the subject in PS5 or the surrounding areas. Whether or not the gun was authentic was unable to be determined.

Later Friday evening, a bicycle was reported stolen from the Physics Astronomy building. The bike was described as a turquoise blue Specialized mountain bike with a $250 value.

Police were dispatched to several large parties on 55th Street late Friday night and early Saturday morning. Several students were arrested for public intoxication and citations were issued for both marijuana possession and open containers. A student was also transported to Alvarado Hospital Medical Center because of a violent blow to the face. Amid the weekend shenanigans in the area around 55th Street, there was a burglary at Albert’s College Apartments that occurred late Friday night. The suspect broke in through a back bedroom window and stole three laptops and a handbag.

Another burglary was reported Saturday morning. This incident is likely to have occurred late Friday night. An apartment on Fraternity Row was broken into and a 17-inch Macbook Pro with a value of $2,500 was taken along with a wallet and sunglasses.

On Saturday, two vehicles were reported stolen within minutes of each other on different parts of campus. One report came from Albert’s College Apartments on 55th Street and the other came from PS3. Both crimes were believed to have taken place Saturday morning.

On Sunday at approximately 7 p.m., another vehicle was broken into. The vehicle was parked on the second level of PS 3. The back driver’s side door was unlocked and a GPS and parking permit were stolen.

There were also reports of a suspect keying vehicles early on Monday. The subject was described as a Hispanic male in his 20s, 5 feet 8 inches tall and approximately 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing a white button-down shirt, shorts and long tube socks. The subject was reportedly heading westbound on Montezuma Road.

Another vehicle was burglarized on Monday in PS5. A subwoofer, amp, tools, GPS and a phone charger were all reported missing.

Anyone with information regarding any of these incidents is encouraged to contact the SDSU Police Department at 619-594-1991 or