ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE: SDSU alumni explode on stage

Courtesy of Stone Soup Theatre Co.

If going to the theater makes you think of a night spent in a suit, sipping champagne and mutely clapping at the end of the show, then “tick, tick ? BOOM!” is not for you.Jonathon Larson’s acclaimed musical is pure rock ‘n’ roll entertainment, a common ground for rock fans and theater buffs alike. Larson, the composer of the world renowned musical “Rent,” wrote “tick, tick ? BOOM!” as a type of autobiography. He then combined it with flashy lights, loud music and a lot of dancing, making the performance a true rock show.For the first time, residents of San Diego can witness the show in their hometown, as Stone Soup Theatre brings “tick, tick ? BOOM!” to the LAB at the Academy of Performing Arts near San Diego State.Stone Soup Theatre is a group of alumni headed by director Lindsey Gearhart. Gearhart’s cast, Jim Chatham, Eric Vest and Brionna Daugherty, translate the original performance well, pulling off a difficult blend of humor and live music in a theater setting.It’s “Across the Universe” meets “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” which makes for a sarcastic and fresh experience.”Tick, tick ? BOOM!” is a story of an aspiring young composer on the eve of his 30th birthday who finds himself struggling to maintain order in his life as well as fulfill his theatrical craving for success before he’s too old. His desire to achieve greatness before the age of 30 has driven him to the point where he can no longer concentrate on any one task, leading him to hear the overwhelming and annoyingly constant, “tick ? tick? BOOM;” a familiar frustration seen in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.”A musical that takes three actors and creates a smorgasbord of different characters with diverse personality traits and vocal variations is nothing short of pure talent. In fact, it’s this aspect that really allows the musical to fall into place and transition smoothly throughout.From beginning to end, you are sure to be overcome with laughter and gain a greater appreciation for the simple things in life such as sugar-induced comas via Twinkies. For those who were waiting desperately for theater and rock ‘n’ roll to unite, who love sarcastically funny dialogue, catchy “I can tap my foot to the beat” songs and who want to know what a “chubstitute” is, look no further than Stone Soup’s rendition of “tick, tick ? BOOM!” in the LAB at the Academy of Performing Arts. “Tick, tick ? BOOM!” plays at 7 p.m. until March 30 at LAB at the Academy of Performing Arts. Admission is $25, $20 for students.

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ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE: SDSU alumni explode on stage