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Recreation center more than a weight room

KICK IT: 53 aerobics classes are offered daily through SDSU’s Aztec Recreation Center.
Christin Cole/Daily Aztec

If you thought the Aztec Recreation Center was just an oversized weight room, think again. Step classes, indoor mountain climbing and virtual-reality machines are just a few of the options San Diego State University’s ARC has to offer.

The ARC’s aerobics schedule is made up of 53 classes, with names like “Butts ‘N’ Guts,” “Funk It Up,” “Hip Hop” and “Box Aerobix.” They are held almost every hour throughout the week.

“The hip-hop aerobics class has like 100 people,” said Michelle Bamrick, a liberal studies sophomore. “It’s so fun; I love that class.”

Cindy Willey, an engineering junior, said, “The step-circuit class is pretty challenging, and the only reason I don’t do them more is because they’re an hour long, and I don’t have that much time between classes.”

The ARC also has a 30-foot indoor climbing wall and a lap pool with a diving board.

“We try to offer something for everybody,” said Vicki Greene, recreational programs manager. “If you don’t like working in a gym, we have other recreational opportunities to take advantage of.”

But for those who do enjoy aerobic machines, ARC has state-of-the-art step and climbing machines, such as virtual reality bikes and non-impact Stairmasters. The aerobic machines also include an input for headphones so users may listen to the television monitor they’re facing while they exercise.

“(The weight room) is pretty packed full of guys,” said Didi Gur, an international business senior. “(But) I’ve been to a lot of gyms, and most of the equipment here is great.”

But Yolanda Schmidlin, an exchange student from Switzerland, said the bikes are too hard for her to use. She added that the university she attended in Zurich had a free gym with fewer machines in worse condition than those in the ARC.

For people who want to increase their knowledge and skills outside of the gym, non-credit leisure classes are available for a reduced price to ARC members. Classes offered include tai chi, yoga, wedding

planning, bartending and horseback riding.

The ARC also sponsors coaches for intramural sports for those interested in athletic competition.

Not only does the ARC provide for students interested in leisure activities, Greene said, it also incorporates academics by working with the exercise and nutritional science department.

“Our goal is to work with the academic department,” she said, “to provide students with fieldwork, research opportunities and jobs.”

ENS graduates often work at the ARC as staff and instructors, Greene added.

Research done by the School of Public Health, to learn if the ARC increases the student activity levels at SDSU, is one example of academic field work, Greene said.

All of this for a center that has been open for eight months.

“It is long overdue for a campus this size,” Greene said. “We have about 10,000 enrolled members of students, alumni and faculty.”

The ARC is located next to Cox Arena on the far west side of campus. Because of the location, Greene said, many students have heard about it but never actually been inside.

“The biggest question we get is, ‘Where are you located?’ Student awareness is low, so a lot of students never venture over,” she said.

The cost for students is $10 a month. Megan Ike, a liberal studies junior, said she goes to the ARC about four times a week.

“It’s definitely worth the price of admission,” she said.

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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
Recreation center more than a weight room