Students have health care on campus

by Staff

Student Health Services has surfed through some turbulent times in the past to live up to its slogan: “Our services revolve around you.”

SHS has stepped up its clinic hours, added an after-hours nursing hotline and increased specialty services in order to guarantee San Diego State University students “cost-effective, convenient and high-quality professional medical care.”

Kimberly Johnson, an administrative analyst at SHS, remembers what it felt like to be on a starvation diet in health care, when the academic year 1991-92 brought severe budgetary cutbacks to services provided by SHS. Since 1993-94, when the student health fee was first assessed, there has been only one $15 increase from the original $50 fee.

SHS is a division of Student Affairs. It maintains voluntary accreditation with reviews every three years and operates in a multidisciplinary setting with qualified medical professionals trained in primary care.

Students access medical providers in three ways: in advance, same-day and walk-in appointments. Basic services are covered by the mandatory health fee paid upon registration at SDSU. These services include general medical services, urgent care, family planning, health promotion, minor surgery, X-rays, laboratory services and injections.

In addition, other augmented services not covered by the health fee provide students with “significantly reduced prices” on specialty services like dermatology, psychiatry, a travel clinic, physical examinations, a pharmacy and some outside laboratory services.

SDSU Student Outreach includes educational workshops on issues related to safe sex and HIV/AIDS, which are presented in role-playing or discussion groups in classrooms, residence halls and other campus organizations.

The liaison between SDSU’s student population and SHS is known as the Student Health Advisory Board. Founded in 1972, the board is actively involved in sponsoring health programs and events, such as the campus and community Health Fairs, typically held during the Spring semester.

While many members come from health-care majors, it is not a requirement for membership. Meeting times are listed in The Daily Aztec, or for more information, call 594-6617.

According to the SHS mission statement, its goal is “to help SDSU students develop and maintain lifelong health and well-being.”

Johnson added: “The quality is second to none.”

SHS is located on Campanile Drive between Hardy Avenue and Lindo Paseo. It is open from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, and from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday through Friday.

Students may contact SHS by calling its general information line at 594-5281, or by accessing its Web site at