Waxing that booty

It’s 12 a.m. Saturday. You just walked in the door after an unsuccessful night of scamming the clubs and cruising the strip. The little red light is flashing on your answering machine. It’s an S.O.S. from the person down the hall whom you made the mistake of sleeping with last month. What do you do? Drop your morals it’s time for a “Booty Call!”

Director Jeff Pollack has taken this desensitized idea and turned it into a satirical comedy bound to help you get your rocks off.

The film begins with Bunz (Jamie Foxx) poking his nose into a couple’s argument about their one-nighter. The woman goes off into a mocking session, telling Bunz and his “little friend,” Rushon (Tommy Davidson), to take off. This bag session sets the tone for the entire film a fast-paced, upside-down comedy with hysterical scenes and classic dialogue.

The jocular plot develops quickly. Rushon has set up a blind date for Bunz with his girlfriend’s neighbor, Lysterine (Vivica A. Fox). Comedy is evident when Lysterine is introduced as a snooty woman who only likes men with class. Nikki (Tamala Jones) defines Bunz as “being in a class all his own.” The opposites meet and the laws of physics go to work. Although Lysterine is at first repulsed by Bunz, she can’t seem to keep her hands off him as the film continues.

Their relationship shifts suddenly as the two couples return home for a game of cards. After an orgasmic footsie session under the table, Bunz accidentally drops his cards under the table.

While underneath the table, he turns his back toward Lysterine, and the dog walks up and begins licking her toes. She, thinking it’s Bunz, goes into a climactic frenzy. After licking her feet, the dog turns around and begins licking Bunz’s buns, and Bunz, thinking it’s Lysterine, likewise goes into a sexually chaotic state.

This comedy also explores the hassles and necessities of safe sex. It’s such an inconvenience to reach a romantic climax only to realize you’ve forgotten your prophylactics, and this film takes the humor further when the women force the men to go out on three different occasions to retrieve latex condoms and cling wrap (for a dental dam, no less).

Pollack’s “Booty Call” is a dirty, slang-filled, perverted, egocentric film, but still a comical must-see.

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Waxing that booty