Event provides hope for Haiti



Junkyard Dance Crew performing at the BSSO event last Wednesday. Many other artists and speakers participated to show their support for Haiti. | dustin michelson, Staff Photographer

by Edward Henderson

Lecturer and poet Dolores Fisher speaking at the event. | dustin michelson, Staff Photographer
Lecturer and poet Dolores Fisher speaking at the event. | dustin michelson, Staff Photographer

Last Wednesday, the Black Student Science Organization held its this annual “Hope for Haiti” talent show in San Diego State’s Music Building. The event raised more than $1,000 in donations from attendees.

The proceeds will be sent to The Conciliation Center, an orphanage located in the northern tip of Haiti. The self-sustainable orphanage was constructed by volunteers from the United States using recycled shipping containers. Rich Pickett, senior director and chief information officer at SDSU, spoke at the event to give students an update about the current relief efforts in Haiti. Pickett has made more than 70 trips to Haiti since the disastrous earthquake in 2010.

“There have been some good rebuilding efforts from organizations like the orphanage we are benefiting tonight,” Pickett said. “We need people to help to keep the attention on Haiti and find various ways to provide assistance.”

Performers at the show consisted of local community acts and SDSU students. BSSO President Harmony Saunders said this event is an important way to remind others help is still needed after the earthquake in Haiti two years ago. “People are really good about helping when something happens, but the devastation doesn’t go away a year later,” Saunders said. “We’re going to continue to do this event as long as we can.”