Crime Beat 3.12.2012

by Ana Ceballos

Protesting through vandalism
As a result of the walkout last Thursday afternoon, an additional manifestation of the anger of protesters was communicated by vandalism. The words “no cut” were spray-painted in Parking Structure 4 near the elevators. According to San Diego State Police Department Capt. Lamine Secka, this is very unusual during protests, mainly because of SDSU’s lack of involvement during past years.

Minor flees from justice
An 18-year-old non-student was arrested for obstructing an officer and possession of alcohol at 10:45 p.m. last Friday. The subject was seen walking near 55th Street and Dorothy Drive. Once he saw police officers approaching him, he fled the premise by jumping over fences and through multiple backyards. Later, officers found the subject hiding behind a house and took him to jail.

Robbery at Albert’s Apartments
At 3:42 a.m. on Sunday, a non-student was standing in the courtyard of Albert’s College Apartments when two suspects walked up to him. One of the suspects punched the victim in the face who then fell to the ground as the suspect took his wallet. The other suspect stole the victim’s cell phone. Then both suspects fled the scene. The victim sustained minor injuries. The suspects have not been found.

—Compiled by Staff Writer Ana Ceballos