AS presidential hopefuls speak (Sarah Malone)

by Ana Ceballos

Antonio Zaragoza, Photo Editor
Antonio Zaragoza, Photo Editor

A Comedy Improv Team president rarely runs for the Associated Students president position, but this year Sarah “Nobody” Malone is proud to have made it so far.

The television, film and new media senior, who wore an Uncle Sam outfit to the presidential debate, is proud to check running for student body president off her bucket list and was surprised she would be the only one running against opponent Rob O’Keefe.

Regarding her colorful debate clothing, “I am doing the whole outfit thing because if students see it, maybe they will wonder what’s happening and pay more attention,” Malone said. “I am not doing it so much because I want to win, but because I wanted to promote awareness.”

Her campaign consisted solely of social media; she reported no use of any banners or flyers during her presidential candidature.

“I love social media; people can find out so much about what’s going on around them, even the A.S. website is a good source for information,” Malone said. “I would encourage (social media) so students know what’s going on with their student body and their representatives.”

Malone, who would consider this a “crazy world” if she won, hopes to influence “average students” to vote on WebPortal.

“I don’t want to be a jerk,” Malone added. “There are some people running that are a little bit jerky and I wanted to have fun with these debates; they don’t have to be so serious.”

Although she intends to advocate awareness, she acknowledges her candidacy is benefiting her opponents rather than her own and said they would represent the university’s student body very well.

“I love the support I am getting and I could vote for myself but I don’t necessarily need the vote. I don’t think I will be voting for myself this year,” Malone said.

Malone’s main suggestion, if elected president, is the ban of skateboards on campus. She said a “skateboard test” would have to be implemented to all students interested in riding them to prevent any pedestrian injuries.

“How it works is that if you’re truly passionate about wanting to skateboard on campus, you should have to take the time to come down to the A.S. office to skate in a straight line, you should be able to do an ollie and you should be able to do at least one jump,” Malone said.

The next thing on her list would be to fix the stairs outside of the library to avoid students “tripping and feeling overweight because of the clunking sound” when stepping on the stairs.

Taking these suggestions into consideration, Malone encourages students to “vote for Nobody” or in other words, to vote for Sarah “Nobody” Malone.