Surf team wins fourth straight


Courtesy of Chad Dime

by Ana Ceballos

Courtesy of Chad Dime
Courtesy of Chad Dime

For the fourth year in a row, the San Diego State Surfing team secured the National Scholastic Surfing Association Championship and will advance to the national championship this June at Salt Creek.

Consisting of 20 men and five women, the team scored 146 points giving it the win in the state championship and a record-high for this year’s competitions.

Jessica Janes, who joined the team three years ago, considers herself to be the “mom of the team,” and could not be prouder of the role everyone played during the contest.

The successful sports team is not officially recognized by the university and its funding is based on the $5,000 per semester the Instructionally Related Activities fund provides for the team. As a result of this fund, the team is responsible for raising 35 percent of the funding through fundraisers, holding each student responsible for $1,500 to be eligible each semester.

“I don’t understand why we don’t receive more funding from the school,” co-captain Doug Van Mierio said. “We won the overall season and now we are heading to the nationals.”

Without an official coach, the team meets every Sunday to train and has reported most members invest 15 to 20 hours a week to practice on their own. The team is demanding, but not exclusive according to co-captain Chad Dime.

“As a team, we have focused on building a reputation,” Dime said. “Our publicity has mainly been due to our great success.”

Their achievements have captured the attention of Red Bull, which offered the team financial support by providing them with equipment and paying for travel expenses to undergo professional training in Baja, Mexico.