World News 4.11.2012

by Kevin Smead

Violence continues in Syria, despite cease-fire

Violence between the Syrian government and the popular opposition continued yesterday, despite the newly sanctioned United Nations cease-fire agreement.

The plan was brokered by U.N. Special Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan and agreed to by the central government of Syria. It called for the immediate halting of violence against Syrian citizens by the government.

World leaders condemned the regime for backtracking on what was supposed to be a positive measure. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said the “escalation of violence” by the “terrorist groups” is to blame for the continued aggression.

Concurrently, tensions at the Syrian and Turkish border continued to rise as Turkey provides shelter for Syrian refugees.

North Korean satellite launch is a go

North Korea claimed yesterday its satellite was ready for launch and denied accounts that the program was a cover-up for conducting missile tests. The North Korean administration argued the level of technological sophistication and scope required for missile tests is much greater than what is currently being used for the satellite launches. The launch is scheduled for sometime between tomorrow and Monday and will commemorate the centennial birthday of Kim Il Sung

Rick Santorum suspends presidential campaign

Rick Santorum announced yesterday in his home state of Pennsylvania he would be suspending his campaign indefinitely. The announcement came after taking a weekend off to tend to his recently hospitalized three-year-old daughter.