Cycling club is wheel-ly helpful

by Stephanie Saccente

The Bike Service sets up on campus every Thursday. / Dustin Michelson, Staff Photographer
The Bike Service sets up on campus every Thursday. / Dustin Michelson, Staff Photographer

San Diego State’s new cycling club, The Bike Stand, is a free resource for students and members of the cycling community to maintain their bikes and keep them operating safely. Fairly new to the SDSU campus, current members welcome the opportunity to expand their club and establish a “bike kitchen” community members can depend on.

Current president Forrest Brodsky was approached by founder and nursing student Clancy Thost to create a resource for a more sustainable cycling community. While Thost and Brodsky came together last fall, The Bike Stand was not recognized as an official SDSU club until February.

“I got my first road bike a few months back. I didn’t have any idea doing so would introduce me to such a diverse, friendly, helpful group of people,” Melinda LaVive, sophomore and avid Bike Stand user, said.

The Bike Stand offers cyclists a variety of services ranging from fixing a flat tire to a full tune-up. For those interested in becoming involved with the club, Brodsky encourages potential members to speak with a current member to pick up a volunteer pamphlet.

“We are a completely free service. If you want to come by with your bike and use the tools yourself we will let you use them or if you want to come by and learn how to use the tools, we will help you learn how,“ Brodsky said.

Currently, The Bike Stand meets at the SDSU farmers market every Thursday on Campanile Walkway, although it would like to expand in the near future.

“My personal microscopic goal is to get us a space to work out of. We’re seeing if we can share space with the Aztec Recreation Center and do more workshops and safety workshops out of the annex buildings over there,” Brodsky said. “Although, space is a hot commodity right now.”

Freshman and mechanical technician for the club, Andrew Jen, also feels strongly about growing the student organization.

“In one year from now, I’d like to see the club with double the membership in our volunteer mechanics department, and triple the amount of students served on a weekly basis,” Jen said. “I believe this is a very feasible vision to make into a reality, because once people stop by and see what we do, they will spread the word of The Bike Stand.”