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PAX Prime takes Seattle by storm with new games

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“Defiance” is a third-person massive multiplayer online shooter game being developed in San Diego by Trion. Earth is being invaded by an alien race utilizing technology far superior to that of humans. These alien warmongers attempt to enslave or eradicate all human life in order to harvest Earth’s precious resources. When all seems lost, a group of rebels called the “Defiance” takes a stand against the alien conquer- ors and fights to save humanity.

“Defiance” is a game with an innovative, albeit risky, gimmick. It will be released concur- rently with a TV show of the same name on the SyFy channel. For those who don’t know, SyFy channel was originally dedicated to science fiction TV shows. Shows such as “Eureka,” “Stargate” and “Alphas,” found their home on SyFy channel (although “Eureka” has ended and “Stargate” was cancelled, but who’s counting?).

However, reality shows and “WWE’s SmackDown” recently have taken control of SyFy. Essentially, once “Defiance” is released, SyFy will once again have a sci-fi show. In any case, events in the show will affect events in the game and vice versa. The idea that players will leave a direct impact on the show is a truly thrilling prospect that may achieve a new level of immersion. The game is still in a developmental phase, but it has the potential to be a truly groundbreaking venture. With a little bit more time and polish, “Defiance” might just be one of the biggest games coming out this year.


“Dishonored,” published by Bethesda Softworks, is a magical first person shooter. Your charac- ter is a man wrongfully accused of a crime and subsequently im- prisoned. Naturally, he makes a deal with a shady character and is granted mystical powers before setting out to get his revenge.

Gameplay is done from the first person perspective and al- lows the player a weapon or power equipped to either hand. For players familiar with the “BioShock” series, this control scheme should make them feel right at home. In one hand the player can use a hand crossbow for long range attacks while wielding a knife in the other hand for melee attacks.

“Dishonored” can be played in a number of ways thanks to this to the dual-hand who like to rush into battle head- on, just equip your favorite pro- jectile weapon and let loose. For those who prefer a more subtle approach, utilizing the possession skill makes it easy to telepathi- cally control an enemy and have them scout out surrounding areas before dispatching them. And of course, for those who want to take the silent passive approach, you can hide in the shadows and teleport short distances to get around enemies undetected.

There are plenty of other skills to be unlocked in the game that’ll cater to just about any playing style, so fear not person that likes to be sneaky and deadly but doesn’t like to use guns. “Dis- honored” is a game for all. Well, except for people who aren’t into steampunk or supernatural abili- ties or being a steam punk assas- sin with supernatural powers.

“Dishonored” breaks free on Oct. 9.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

“Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” is the latest title from Hideo Kojima’s hugely popular “Metal Gear” series.

“Rising” follows series regular Raiden who has now become the new Cyborg Ninja. Several years after the events of “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots,” Raiden finds himself in the midst of a new conflict: the person he was hired to protect is killed in his custody by a gang of cyborg mercenaries who proceed to defeat Raiden in combat. After barely surviving, Raiden is given a new cyber suit and sets out to defeat the mercenaries.

The “Metal Gear” series is known for its emphasis on tacti- cal sneaking rather than confron- tation. However, in “Rising,” head-on attacks are the name of the game. Raiden, as a character, is much more agile than Solid Snake, the series’ protagonist.

The combat and gameplay of “Rising” are entirely differ- ent from that of the “Solid” series. Raiden can perform combos with his super-powered sword, which end when enter- ing of blade mode. In this mode, Raiden can literally cut in any direction the player sees fit. In general, when fighting most weaker enemies, Raiden can automatically enter blade mode and cut his enemies into ribbons. However, with larger enemies Raiden must first weaken them enough before being able to slice them freely.

“Metal Gear Rising: Reven- geance” may have a ridiculous subtitle, it may deviate from the normal play style of the Metal Gear series and it may be the most over-the-top game to bear the “Metal Gear” title, but it sets out to offer a new take on the series. Fortunately, it does so in a way only “Metal Gear” can. It takes you on an insane ride and you have fun doing it.

“Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” slices its way onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Feb. 19.

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PAX Prime takes Seattle by storm with new games