Japan protested amidst land dispute

by Ana Ceballos

Approximately 2,500 outraged Chinese citizens participated in demonstrations across the country, displaying banners reading “Protect China’s inseparable territory,” to “Nuclear extermination for wild Japanese dogs.”

The dispute was prompted when the Japanese government an- nounced its intention to nationalize the uninhabited islets of Senkaku, Japan and Diaoyu, China located in the East China Sea. The controversy about the islands intensified when China sent six surveillance ships to the area after Japan announced it nationalized control of the three islands.

Japanese companies such as Panasonic and Toyota Motor Corp. dealerships have temporarily suspended production as a result of anti-Japanese violent attacks. In response to the outburst, many Japanese restaurants and offices displayed the Chinese national flag outside their businesses, symbolizing a white flag for peace.

Additionally, Japanese schools across China have cancelled classes for this week. These events prompted a meeting between Japanese Primer Minister Yoshihiko Noda and U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Pannetta to discuss the safety of Japanese citizens and property in China.

Last year, Japan deemed China as its top trade partner, totaling a trade of more than $340 billion. The current predicament is an economic showdown based on how tensions further between Asia’s two largest economies.