Gas prices soon to decline

by Tara Millspaugh

MCT Campus

California Gov. Jerry Brown called for an immediate release of “winter- blend” gasoline to bring down gas prices.

On Sunday, AAA Daily Fuel Gauge reported a record U.S. high at $3.814 as the avg. price for a regular unleaded gasoline.

Brown requested the California Air Resources Board to allow oil companies to start selling a gasoline that evaporates quicker in warm weather than the summer blend gasoline. This type of winter-blend gasoline is usually not permitted to be released until Oct. 31.

“Gas prices in California have risen to their highest levels ever, with unacceptable cost impacts on consumers and small businesses,” Brown said.

California Air Resources Board Communications Director Stanley Young said the board would tell refineries and importers they can start selling the cheaper gasoline immediately.

Currently, analysts are suggesting one of the main reasons for the soaring gas prices is because of a recent power outage at the Exxon Mobil refinery in Torrance. The refinery didn’t start producing gas again until late last Friday.

Yesterday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein called for a federal investigation into gas prices in California, because she doesn’t think the cause of the gas hikes is related to supply and demand.

In San Diego, gas prices have risen approximately 50 cents since last week. According to AAA Gauge report, regular gasoline is at $4.725 in San Diego. With the call to action by Brown, gas prices should decline in a few days.

Young says it takes a few days for the winter-blend to be released from the refineries.