SDSU shows diversity among grads

by Hannah Beausang

MCT Campus

San Diego State boasts an all- time high in graduation and diversity rates.

According to SDSU NewsCenter, the six-year graduation rate is at 66.5 percent, an increase from 65.7 percent in 2011. Graduation rates increased to 63.5 percent from the previous 61.3 percent of diverse students last year.

Freshman to sophomore continuation rates are an indication of future graduation rates. This fall, 88.5 percent of all 2011 freshmen reenrolled for their second year. From the multicultural freshmen, 87.4 percent of students re-enrolled for their second year.

A recent campus census reported SDSU is considered a national leader in closing the “achievement gap” between students.

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Ethan Singer discussed the impact of increased rates on SDSU’s public image. “The increased graduation rate brings prestige to the campus and everyone benefits from that,” Singer said. “More importantly, it allows us to attract more and more applications and parents will be able to be confident that their students are going to get through and graduate.”

Singer said high school seniors are more prepared for college more than ever before. Because of student excellence, SDSU is continually recognized nationally for academic successes.

Programs on campus such as living learning communities, study abroad opportunities and undergraduate research play a role in motivating students and increasing diversity. The Educational Opportunity Program, Early Start and Summer Bridge programs, among others, have also proven beneficial.

Singer discussed the work faculty has done to improve the culture of the university. Students are encouraged to take 15 units per semester to expedite graduation. Students receive Major Academic Plans to plan out their semesters and additional resources are available on campus to help during their college careers.

With more students graduating on schedule, more new students gain access to SDSU. A higher influx of new students allows for an increase in diversity.

The Dean of Undergraduate Studies Geoffrey Chase, spoke about increased rates.

“I think it means we’re doing a great job of making sure that students are getting the kind of education that prepares them for the kind of jobs and careers they want,” Chase said. “I think that the fact that we’ve increased graduation rates and diversity at the same time really means that we’re responding to society’s needs.”

Chase discussed the prominence of diversity in the student body.

“One of the great things about San Diego State is that we have no majority population,” Chase said. “More than 50 percent of our students are from diverse backgrounds.”

Students benefit from a campus that encourages diversity. SDSU has many programs to support diversity, not just in the realm of ethnic diversity, but also geographic and international student diversity.

SDSU continues to bridge the gap and provide an excellent learning community and diverse college experience for students from all walks of life.