The restart of the age of Pax Obama

by Leonardo Castaneda

MCT Campus

This election was a defining moment in U.S. history and it would be presumptuous to claim to already understand what it all means. However, at The Daily Aztec’s Opinion section, we are nothing if not presumptuous. Other newspapers will hide behind lame excuses, such as saying someone can’t possibly know how the next several years will unfold just a few hours after the election. Others might be intimidated by the lack of actual definitive results. Those people are cowards and fools. The Daily Aztec’s Opinion section knows its readers need overconfident political speculation and they need it now. And for that, dear reader, you’ve come to the right place.

National elections:

President Barack Obama was elected for a second term, and the Democratic Party maintained control of the Senate. Senatorial candidate Democrat Claire McCaskill defeated Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin by more than 15 percentage points, thus shutting that whole thing down. Democrat Joe Donnelly also defeated Republican Richard Mourdock— who stated babies born from rape are “something that God intended to happen”—for Indiana’s Senate seat. Although Republicans held onto the House of Representatives, the national election signified a clear change.

First, it is slowly becoming clear Republicans can no longer win on a rape-isn’t-that-bad platform. How well they transition toward a women- as-human-beings ideology will determine if the GOP continues to exist as a serious party in the coming years.

Second, Obama’s victory and the widespread Democratic success will usher in an unprecedented age of growth, peace and brotherly love. Jobs will be plentiful, the deficit will become a surplus and the U.S. will begin paying off its debts while investing in green technology and education. High-speed Wi-Fi will be free for all, the armed forces will leave a suddenly stable and democratic Afghanistan, shortly after signing Iran’s nuclear disarmament agreement. This new age, coined (by me) as Pax Obama, will force the Make-A-Wish Foundation to shut down as all wisheS will be automatically granted.

State elections:

California voters threw the California State University and University of California systems a lifeline by passing Proposition 30. This means tuition fees will not skyrocket, professors won’t be fired en masse and body parts won’t be traded to the nursing department as tuition payment. Citizens also voted on 10 other propositions, although none affect San Diego

State as much as Proposition 30. Senator Dianne Feinstein also won her reelection campaign against Republican challenger Elizabeth Emken, although it isn’t clear yet how this might have helped Proposition 30 pass.

This election marked a clear step forward for California, mainly because Proposition 30 passed. For a moment, there was the distinct possibility Proposition 30 wouldn’t pass and riots would turn California into a scene from the book of “Revelation.” Luckily, the moment of trepidation passed and so did Proposition 30.

Local elections:

San Diego’s mayoral race wasn’t decided until early Wednesday morning, when Republican Carl DeMaio conceded to Democrat Bob Filner. The first Democratic mayor in San Diego in two decades is a monumental change to the city. Because we at The Daily Aztec are not old gypsy women with magic balls allowing us to see the future, we aren’t sure what Filner’s election will mean. What we do know is we endorsed him and therefore, we are sure whatever he does will be wonderful.

By this story’s deadline, Democrat Scott Peters was leading incumbent Republican Brian Bilbray by less than 700 votes for the 52nd Congressional District. Shirley Weber won the 79th District State Assembly and Marty Block won the 39th State Senate District. This means every single candidate The Daily Aztec endorsed won. Some may argue about correlation, but the facts speak for themselves.

The most underrated race in San Diego County, this election cycle was the defeat of Tom Brady by Tina Heimerdinger for the Mount Empire Unified School District Trustee Area No. 6. It is yet to be seen how this will affect Brady’s performance against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.