Reservoir Drive residents vacated amid SWAT situation

by Ana Ceballos

Dozens of Reservoir Drive residents were told to vacate their homes because of an officer-involved shooting that occurred today at 1 p.m. Villa del Sol residents were evacuated from the building at 3 p.m. and should expect to wait a few more hours — if not until tomorrow morning — to return home.

According to police on the scene, one of the two suspects was killed and the other detained while the officers served a warrant at Villa del Sol apartments. The injured suspect was taken to the hospital were he was pronounced dead. According to NBC San Diego, the shooting occurred during the attempted arrest of the two suspects, who were “wanted parolees at-large.”


Officers have closed down Reservoir Dr. as the SWAT situation continues. Police also said some residents may be allowed access if they reside in other apartment complexes nearby Villa del Sol, the location of the SWAT situation.


“Well, I just don’t know what to do. I mean, I’m a college student. I can’t afford a hotel, I can barely afford my rent,” business management junior Matthew Hadley said. “I was having a normal first day of school until I walked back home in the afternoon.”


DJ Mo Lyon, a Villa del Sol resident, said he’s not only worried about making it back home because of his apartment’s close proximity to the shooting, but also because he may not make it to work this evening if the situation is not resolved.


Since being placed on lockdown this afternoon, the Alvarado Hospital Medical Center has re-opened its door to emergency and non-emergency patients.


As the San Diego Police Department continues to take over the situation, a command post has been set up across the street from the Alvarado Hospital Medical Center in a vacated parking lot.


Check back for updates as the story develops.