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Spring holds a bounty of anticipated games

02_28_13_Entertainment_BioshockInfinite_IrrationalGamesWhile the big launches of fall may be behind us, that doesn’t mean the next few months will be deadweight for gaming releases. Here are the three games you should keep an eye on in the coming month.


“BioShock Infinite”

Sergio Lopez, Aztec Gaming

Releasing March 26

When the original “Bioshock” was released, its atmosphere and unique setting left an impression on gamers. Now, needless to say, Irrational Games definitely has its work cut out for it. With “BioShock Infinite,” Irrational Games hopes to outdo itself by making another imaginative setting in a world hell-bent on destroying itself.

The game takes place on a floating city called Columbia, a unique setting to say the least. With rails connecting buildings, players are given a sandbox approach to deal with each new encounter. The game introduces vigors, which will replace plasmids and will allow access to a multitude of powers, including the ability to shoot fire from the characters’ arms summon a deadly flock of crows to attack enemies.

Although much of the game focuses on fighting through an ongoing civil war, facing off against monstrous enemies, such as the enormous songbird, and dealing with religious zealots that view George Washington as a god, the core of the game centers around the relationship of Booker and the divine Elizabeth. Irrational Games hopes to provide an emotional experience and deep story that will hopefully set it apart from the many first-person shooters flooding the market. Hopefully “BioShock Infinite” will be as awesome as it sounds and, for me, March 26 can’t come soon enough.


“Tomb Raider”

Jordan Pollock, Aztec Gaming

Releasing March 5

When it comes to adventure games, “Tomb Raider” is one of the better-known series out there. Gamers and non-gamers alike know or have heard the name “Lara Croft.” However, Lara has appeared in a number of mediums throughout the years, and not all may be aware of her video game roots.

In any case, “Tomb Raider” is getting a reboot and much like the mechanics and genre of the game, Lara has a whole new design. This game takes place before Lara becomes a world famous adventurer. In fact, this game chronicles her first adventure and portrays Lara as a vulnerable protagonist who has not yet become the seasoned explorer we all know.

This time around, instead of just being an adventure and puzzler with an emphasis on platforming, players will have to learn how to survive in the jungle island Lara has been stranded on.
The radical change in style is meant to breathe new life into the franchise and, hopefully, Crystal Dynamics can pull it off.



Cody Franklin, Head of Aztec Gaming

Releasing April 2

In the massively multiplayer online world, the next big release will be “Defiance.” Trion Worlds’ latest game takes place in a postapocalyptic world where a confrontation with aliens has left current society ruined, forcing survivors of all species to band together to hold onto what little civilization remains.
It’s nice to see a new science fiction MMO attempting to break up the monotony of the seemingly endless stream of fantasy games, but can “Defiance” succeed where many others have failed?
One trick Trion Worlds hopes will help is the fact “Defiance” is both a TV show and video game. While the battle rages on, Syfy’s “Defiance” series, players will also be fighting back in the video game adaptation. Events in the video game are said to impact the show, and vice versa.

This combination could be what is needed to succeed in the fantasy game genre. However, it could also be a big weakness: What happens to the game if the show flops, and will Syfy want to continue the series if gamers end up hating the video game?

Tune in this April to find out just how strong Trion Worlds is in its “Defiance” against the norm.

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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
Spring holds a bounty of anticipated games