Letter to the Editor: Associated Student elections

by Staff

What would you say if your vote could be the tiebreaker in an election?  Could it really happen? Yes! How, you may ask? Vote in this year’s Associated Students elections. Thousands of students walk through our campus each day, yet only 10 percent of them vote for our leaders in Associated Students. We as a student body need to participate and raise our voter turnout. These leaders we elect address issues that directly affect the student body, as well as orchestrate events on campus such as Aztec Nights and GreenFest. Some of the issues that we as students face together are budget cuts and limited class offerings. A.S. is our voice to express these issues. All it takes is a few minutes to cast your vote through WebPortal this week until 7 p.m. on Thursday. Every single vote counts in deciding who our leaders will be for the 2013-14 year. Together we achieve higher voter turnout and have our voices heard.

Omar Espinoza

2012-13 Elections Coordinator

Associated Students – San Diego State