The Story So Far channel growing pains into pop punk

by Kevin Smead

The Story So Far is a band that knows what it’s like to be a 20-something guy with 20-something dude problems. Its 2011 debut “Under Soil and Dirt” is full of heartache, bummer situations and growing pains. While that sounds like it could be a follow-up to Taylor Swift’s latest smash hit, “Red,” The Story So Far packages its young-male angst in some of the catchiest pop-punk tunes this side of a New Found Glory album.

People are starting to take notice, too. The band was recently featured on the cover of the April issue of Alternative Press as part of its “100 Bands You Need to Know” feature.  Its genre (jokingly called “tr00 pop punk”) is currently on the rise, helmed by other bands such as Transit, Man Overboard and Title Fight. All the characteristics of the genre—rough vocals, poppy guitars, decreasingly punk-focused song writing, a more serious band image and songs about growing up—are all found in TSSF. It’s an unusual blend of high-school and early-20s anxieties, but as someone who completely identifies with those personalities traits, I’m sold.

Luckily, these dudes are just getting started. The band’s tour stops in San Diego on Friday night at the Epicentre (though it’s currently sold out) and its latest album, “What You Don’t See” drops March 26. Check these dudes out and make it to the show if possible and get all the angst out via some solid pop punk.