‘Dead Space 3 Awakened’ is creepy, but too short

by Staff

03_26_13_Entertainment_DeadSpace3Awakened_cred_EAMost players have been able to complete “Dead Space 3” in 12 to 14 hours and are anticipating the release of the digital expansion pack, “Dead Space 3 Awakened,” to continue the storyline, and to build the level of suspense they all missed from the game.

Throughout the digital expansion pack, characters Isaac and John are hallucinating various images of the Necromorphs, their Satan and their “church.” As players have noted, “Dead Space 3” wasn’t nearly as frightening as everyone anticipated. “Awakened” begins to fill that void, while also adding new weapon parts, scarier looking Necromorphs and a whole new aspect to the storyline itself.

The digital expansion pack, which can be completed in two hours, will most definitely leave players wanting more. Although the storyline continues to grow in complexity as the game progresses, for $9.99, “Awakened” should have been much longer. The vivid use of imagery, screen shaking and constant suspense leave players wanting more, which begs the question, “Is that really it?”

After playing the first part of “Awakened,” I’ll be purchasing the rest of them, but that doesn’t mean my disappointment won’t linger. For the price of the game and the digital expansion pack, I expected a lot more. “Awakened” left me wondering why “Dead Space 3” wasn’t as frightening. I wasn’t disappointed with “Dead Space 3” until playing “Awakened” and seeing what the game could and should have amounted to.

Although they were able to make up for it in the digital expansion pack, it was too short to fill that void. Visceral Games should have spent more time developing fright and suspense during the actual game, rather than packing it into multiple digital expansion pack’s they know gamers will want to get their hands on.