Week six of LCS brings intense competition

by Staff

After last week’s exciting festivities, the League of Legends Championship Series with a flurry of games last weekend. The big story this week comes from roster changes, with teams such as Team MRN and Team SoloMid Snapdragon playing with subs this week. TSM made the choice to bench Chaox, its AD carry, for one week, calling his mentality during MLG Dallas last week “unprofessional.” Chaox had been out late partying throughout the tournament weekend, and failed to show up on time for all of the team’s practices. He was replaced with TSM sub and AD carry for Cloud 9, WildTurtle.

The pressure was on for WildTurtle, with all eyes watching how he would perform in Chaox’s shoes. This week, TSM took on compLexity for its first game.

Back-and-forth team fights kept the game even, but as the match progressed, TSM’s extensive tournament experience gave it an edge. In what seemed a steal for coL at Baron, TSM was able to trade objectives with its opponent, nabbing two quick inhibitors with a backdoor. Back and forth, towers were seized, Barons were taken and inhibitors were lost, but a clear-cut winner could not be found. In a final fight in bottom lane, TSM capitalized on an out-of-position Lautemortis (coL/Amumu) and forced a conflict. Xspecial (TSM/Sona) was able to hit all five compLexity players with a Crescendo, allowing for WildTurtle to go to work. And go to work he did, as WildTurtle showed the “League of Legends” scene what he could do, as his Caitlyn plowed through compLexity’s roster with a soul-crushing pentakill in his first ever match with TSM, as the team took the win against compLexity.

TSM kept the streak going as it faced off against its longtime rival, Counter Logic Gaming on the second day of LCS. This was the second matchup for these two long-standing powerhouses this season, which was action-packed from the start. With four quick kills in the first five minutes, TSM asserted its lane dominance against CLG as WildTurtle continued to put on a show. Early aggression by TSM helped extend its gold lead further and further, as a roaming Regi (TSM/Zedd) and WildTurtle (TSM/Draven) secured kills against CLG, building sizeable advantages in items and objectives. WildTurtle continued to impress the North American scene with amazing plays, one in particular against CLG’s own AD carry, Doublelift. As CLG’s bot lane turned up the aggression toward WildTurtle and Xspecial, WildTurtle baited Doublelift, saving himself with barrier and earning a double kill, to further his lead in his lane. With Doublelift (CLG) away farming the top lane, TSM took advantage of its superior numbers and moved quickly to take CLG’s inhibitor, ending with a 4-0 exchange in TSM’s favor. With their backs against the wall, CLG attempted to take Baron in a desperate play to make up for lost ground. Sadly, it only set the team up for defeat, as TSM slaughtered an under-leveled and under-fed CLG in the Baron pit. CLG conceded defeat by 23 minutes, as TSM took another game with WildTurtle in its roster.

CLG’s week wasn’t finished just yet, as they had one last game against Vulcan. After losing to Team Dignitas and TSM earlier this weekend, CLG hoped to salvage its record with a win. This game was long, as neither team seemed to have a clear, demanding lead. Although Vulcan faced a large gold deficit, it was careful to drag out the game and let its late-game stars, Nasus (Xmithie) and Tristana (Zuna), shine. Vulcan was the first to take a hit, losing an inhibitor and two Barons to CLG. But even with an 8,000 gold deficit versus the opposing team, Vulcan was able to stay in the game, mainly because of an excellently played Tristana by Zuna. The gold deficit could not affect him—he was able to stay up to par with CLG’s Doublelift and complete a full six-item build. Zuna was a one-man wrecking crew, taking players down to half health in only two hits.

As the game neared 54 minutes, CLG tried to thwart Vulcan’s Baron attempt, but was caught off-guard when Vulcan turned the fight back onto CLG. Quickly dismantling Hotshotgg (CLG/Karthus), CLG was forced into a five vs. four situation and was outgunned by Zuna’s Tristana, getting a triple kill at Baron and forcing Doublelift to retreat and defend its base. With the odds suddenly in Vulcan’s favor, it took CLG’s base to win the game.

With this loss, CLG has gone a disappointing 0-3 for last week’s games. After week six, these are the current LCS standings:

1) Curse 12-2

2) Team Dignitas 14-4

3) TSM Snapdragon 12-5

4) Counter Logic Gaming 8-9

5) Vulcan 7-10

6) Team MRN 5-10

7) compLexity 3-12

8) Good Game University 3-12

LCS resumes next week with 12 more exciting matches starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 30.