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Hollywood Happenings

By Tori Haynes and Brooke Schyler

Josh Duhamel
Mehdi Taamallah,, MCT

Actor Josh Duhamel hosted Nickelodeon’s 26th annual Kids’ Choice Awards on March 23 to a record-breaking number of viewers. More than 12 million people tuned in to watch their favorite celebrities get slimed while they were awarded blimp trophies. Duhamel opened the show with a dance parody featuring Steven Tyler, Megan Fox and Duhamel’s wife, Fergie.  It was Duhamel’s first time hosting the show. He took to Twitter to thank everyone for watching, saying, “Thanks to EVERYONE who made the #KCA such an awesome experience! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed goofing around. I mean hosting!” It seems the younger viewers thought he was fun as many moms tweeted back to Duhamel, saying their kids watched the show repeatedly just to see him.



It looks like actress Lindsay Lohan’s romance with Avi Snow is heating up. The two were spotted locking lips at Snow’s show with his band City of the Sun at Santa Monica’s private club 41 Ocean. Lohan might be trying to spend time with Snow while she can, as she will be going to rehab for 90 days.

While things are looking up for Lohan in the romance department, the opposite can be said for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. The engaged couple spent a lot of time apart lately, making many wonder if a wedding is still in the works. Hemsworth arrived back in Los Angeles to be with Cyrus after spending most of March in his home country of Australia. A source told E! Entertainment Television, “There are some serious problems going on, but seeing them together, they do genuinely love each other and they really want to work it out.” We’re wishing them the best.



Selena Gomez and Katy Perry attended the 2013 Kid’s Choice Awards, where they were spotted giving Fergie’s pregnant belly some loving.

Justin Theroux and fiancee Jennifer Aniston were seen walking arm in arm around Hollywood. The couple wore matching outfits—something they’ve been spotted doing multiple times before.



1. This actor received an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor in a movie in which he co-starred with Ben Stiller and Jack Black. He struggled through drug-related problems for several years, with multiple visits to rehab and jail. This actor has since stayed sober and completely rebuilt his career, which is now arguably stronger than iron.

A. Mickey Rourke

B. Robert Downey Jr.

C. Owen Wilson

D. Luke Wilson


2. This actress debuted on “Saturday Night Live” in 2005. She once waited tables in the executive dining room of Universal Studios. She not only starred in, but co-wrote the 2011 box office hit, “Bridesmaids.”

A. Kristen Wiig

B. Tina Fey

C. Christina Applegate

D. Amanda Bynes


3. This singer is quite talented—especially for being only 22 years old. He owns four guitars, each with its own special name. His fans call themselves “Sheerios.” Although the music they produce is quite different, this artist is close friends with Harry Styles of One Direction.

A. Hunter Hayes

B. Charlie Sheen

C. Jason Mraz

D. Ed Sheeran


4. This celebrity’s actual name on her birth certificate is Onika Tanya Maraj. She is part of Lil Wayne’s “Young Money” coalition. She previously toured with Britney Spears, recently recorded a song with Justin Bieber and endured multiple rumors about dating Drake.

A. Nicki Minaj

B. Mariah Carey

C. Lady Gaga

D. Lil’ Kim


5. This person explored other paths before getting into acting. She originally wanted to be a veterinarian and later studied journalism. Some of her signature traits are her big smile and voluminous, curly auburn hair. Her niece has also found success in the entertainment industry.

A. Giuliana Rancic

B. Julianne Moore

C. Julia Roberts

D. Julia Stiles

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Hollywood Happenings