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DA editors share their spring break plans

Spring_BreakPaige Nelson 

Photo Editor

Every year around this time, I fantasize about all of the amazing things I’m going to do during spring break. A whole entire week to myself full of nothing but lying by the beach and drinking piña coladas in a fantastic tropical location without a worry in the world—what more could a girl ask for?

Because an all-expense-paid trip to the Caribbean isn’t very realistic for a soon-to-be college graduate, I’ll most likely do something a little closer to home. I can catch up with friends, read a book, hang out at the pool, hone my culinary skills or even go for a hike.

Flash forward to April 8 and ask me about all of the cool things I did during spring break. I’ll probably tell you I was frantically applying for jobs, running around town doing assignments for my internship or editing a mass of client photos. Maybe I’ll get around to cleaning my room. Sadly, this is my reality.


Ana Ceballos

Assistant News Editor

This spring break, I will be flying to the Windy City, where there will be snow and cold weather instead of beaches and warmth. But, I’ll be warm inside because I’m visiting one of my best friends.

I booked this flight a few weeks ago after promising I would visit a few years ago. I live by the saying, “better late than never.” Even though I’m very late, I will probably give her one of the best spring breaks ever.

During my stay in Chicago, we plan to visit the Art Institute of Chicago, climb the tallest building and pretend we’re the King Kong-ettes of Chicago’s skyscrapers. We will also drink appletinis at downtown chic bars.

Although my stay will be brief, I will enjoy being away from sunny San Diego. I honestly believe too much sun has made me too jubilant and I’m in need of sad weather to add a little edge to my personality.

I forgot to mention that I’m thinking about moving to Chicago after I graduate, so it’ll be a business trip as well.


Leonardo Castaneda

Opinion Editor

Say “spring break” and people immediately picture late-‘90s MTV “Spring Break” with beach parties and Kid Rock concerts. You know, back when Joe C. was still alive. Bikinis and all-you-can-eat hotel wristbands are the official uniform.

Which is why, this spring break, I’m going in the exact opposite direction. Instead of heading south for beaches, babes and brews, I’m heading north to the permanently cold and rainy forest of Northern California.

I’m visiting Santa Cruz because it gives me a chance to get away from San Diego State and its painful failed-midterm flashbacks (I still can’t look at the 24/7 Study Area of the library without curling into the fetal position). Yet, I don’t have to drink copious amounts of beer-flavored Keystone Light water and yell “Spring break!” every 15 minutes as if I had just been released from an Amish upbringing for my rumspringa.

I’ve even managed to convince myself I’m going to actually go on all those hikes I’ve been talking about for weeks. And you know what? Maybe I will. Yeah, I will. It’ll just have to be a day I’m not too tired from the night before, and the sun isn’t too bright and there aren’t any bugs out.


Sofia Casillas

Assistant Copy Chief 

Just like everyone else at San Diego State, I’m in need of spring break. However, unlike other people’s spring breaks, where they travel to Cancun and day drink all week, I will be recovering from writing 15-page essays, taking weekly midterms and working nonstop.

Spring break for me will consist of sleeping in as late as I can and making hearty breakfasts with my sister, in addition to making a fool of myself while dancing Zumba to “Caipirinha” and Pitbull’s “Pause” on my Wii. Another plan is to build the motivation to get a gym membership and start working out on a daily basis-—but I’m not making any promises. Another thing on my to-do list is to start filling out applications for fall and summer internships and maybe getting ahead on homework.

So while many other SDSU students are out vacationing in tropical areas and drinking piña coladas for breakfast, I will be playing catch-up in sunny San Diego. It remains to be seen how productive I’ll actually be, but I know when I get back from spring break, I’ll be fully rested and ready to finish the semester with a bang.

Julie Aeilts

Copy Chief

While this won’t be the typical, booze-fest vacation most college students endure a year of education for, I can’t say I’m not excited to visit my Central Valley hometown of Oakdale for my final collegiate spring break.  With a reputation for rugged activities, including the rather ballsy Testicle Festival and an annually anticipated rodeo, the small town lives up to its singular notoriety as the Cowboy Capital of the World.  Aside from silly rural antics, there isn’t usually much to do, so I’ve learned to appreciate the little things.

I plan to embrace the slow-paced atmosphere, spotty cellphone reception and my dog as soon as I arrive.  My parents bought tickets to a Buddy Holly tribute performance, so some old-time grooving is naturally on the agenda.

San Diego expenses have made my diet cheap and convenient, so I’m looking forward to barbecued food and evidence of my mom’s recessive candy addiction—I mean, it is Easter. I’m going to catch up with some good company, spend too much money on a ticket to see “Jurassic Park” in 3-D and enjoy a few backcountry bike rides.

Anyone who grew up in a remotely different environment than San Diego understands that a change from the busy city is both necessary and refreshing for the soul.  It’s time to break away, if even temporarily, from this tumultuous semester.


David Dixon 

Assitant Entertainment Editor

I’m going to Santa Catalina Island to explore and partake in all that it has to offer: glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling, zip-lining and tours. I’ll possibly catch a flick at the Avalon Theatre, located inside the historic and beautifully preserved Catalina Casino.

I will also review five shows for both and The Daily Aztec during the break: “Born Yesterday” at the AVO Playhouse; “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” at the New Village Arts Theatre, “The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler” at the Diversionary Theatre; “A Doll’s House” at The Old Globe Sheryl and Harvey White Theatre; and “Assassins” at the Cygnet Theatre.

On top of all of that, I’m still going to try to watch the new crime drama, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” which has received very positive reviews after the film premiered at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. While horror isn’t one of my favorite genres, I’m also planning on checking out “Evil Dead” because there’s been a lot of buzz about the new remake after it premiered at South by Southwest. This is my idea of a very fun spring break.

Monica Lizmeier

Assistant Photo Editor

What comes to mind when you think of spring break? Mexico, beach, camping. Add a few dozen high school students running around learning about algae and microorganisms and you have my spring break. Every year, the high school I attended in Orange County goes on a 10-day field trip to Bahia de las Animas, Mexico to study the marine life of the bay. This includes the seals the students swim with to the bacteria growing in the sand. I volunteer as an alumna “Group Leader,” mostly to make sure no one kills his or herself by accident, but also to lead my group in pointing out interesting spots or things along the way.

The drive is only 14 hours long and the toilets are chic holes you dig yourself. The trip isn’t complete without at least three flat tires, one stingray victim and one campfire per night. But by the end of the trip I’ve earned a decent tan, dreads and the satisfaction of knowing the students (hopefully) gained enough respect for the environment that maybe they will volunteer their own time to the yearly trek in the future.

Tara Millspaugh 

News Editor 

Spring break couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m finally going to take advantage of the beach and attempt to get a nice tan. I’m heading back to Orange County this weekend to spend Easter with my family and, hopefully, I can go to Disneyland while I’m there. My mom still treats me like a little kid and gets me a candy-loaded Easter basket that she hides in the house. Although I feel silly running around, I secretly enjoy it, and when I finally find the basket, it’s like I’ve won the lotto.

Candy is the way to my heart, and because I only go home a few times every couple months, my mom always makes my visit extra special. Besides gaining a few pounds and biting the head off of a chocolate bunny, I’ll be putting in some extra hours at my internship and trying to get ahead on some work.

It may not be the most exciting spring break, but it’s my last one as a student at San Diego State and I’m going to enjoy every relaxing moment.


Ryan Schuler

Sports Editor

I’ve never really had one of those crazy, expensive Cabo San Lucas spring breaks. Mine mostly consist of going to a local San Diego beach or day drinking with my friends on the front yard while playing cornhole or beer pong. Well, because I’m a broke college student, I will most likely be doing the same thing this year. Don’t worry, I’ve accepted it. But if I could do anything for spring break, I would definitely go for Cabo. You always hear about those crazy spring break stories and I think Cabo would be the perfect place to make a few of those. With tequila flowing, college students are just itching to make bad decisions. I would hope someone would take pictures, because I certainly wouldn’t remember anything. Not only is there awesome nightlife, but the beaches are amazing (so I’ve heard). That’s not to take any credit away from our beaches, which is probably where I will be spending more of my time. See you spring breakers in Pacific Beach.


J. Hutton Marshall

Managing Editor

This spring break, I’m getting back to the basics. While this should mean catching up on sleep (a lifelong quest), showering regularly and eating three times a day—a drastic lifestyle change that could send my body into shock—I’ve decided to run my body ragged backpacking in Sequoia and Kings National Park instead.

My friends and I have taken one of these extended backpacking trips every spring break for the past couple years. Sure, spending a week in isolation with eight smelly, unshaven dudes doesn’t sound like the spring break party-topia most envision, but in my opinion, this campus on the weekend already resembles a tequila-fueled Mexican resort. Lake Havasu, Ariz. isn’t really a change of scenery; it’s just a different place to put on your drunk goggles for a while.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Who doesn’t love a week of unencumbered revelry every once in a while? But it’s my last spring break, and I want to do something memorable. I figure step one is remembering most of it.


Kevin Smead

Entertainment Editor

While everyone is flocking to San Diego for sun, surf and other forms of spring break mayhem, I’m heading to the Bay Area to visit a few friends. I’m going to try to pack a whole lot of stuff into only five days. I suppose it might be a bit overly ambitious, but hey, it’s spring break, baby.

No matter what, I’m just going to enjoy myself. This semester has been an absolute nightmare, so I plan on forgetting everything and relaxing, even if it’s just for a few days. Plus, the weather up north should be nice and there are some friendly faces waiting for me, so I’m kind of stoked.

Also, I’m about to start the “Wheel of Time” series, something I said I’d do once the whole thing was finished. And with the January release of “A Memory of Light,” the 14th and final book in the series, it’s time I begin my journey through the positively epic fiction of Robert Jordan.

Basically, I’m setting phasers to chill and kicking back, because I know once I get back, I’ll be walking headfirst into the gates of Hell. Woo, spring break.


Ethan Bailey

Assistant Features Editor

I’m not sure I know what I’m going to do with myself during spring break. A week undisturbed by assignments or midterms seems almost too good to be true.

But I do know this: I want to seize the opportunity to take a road trip, whether in the sun on the Santa Monica Pier or partying with the crazies in Lake Havasu, Ariz. If you’ve never been to Havasu, spring break is one of the best times. The city’s party atmosphere really shows and there are bronze-bodied hotties as far as the eye can see.

As with any vacation, I plan to get plenty of rest and relaxation time in. This year, though, I want to spend as much of it outdoors as possible. I can’t get enough of San Diego’s beaches, and I’d really like to go camping for a night in the Laguna Mountains. Spring’s fresh air is just what I need to come back to school ready to rumble.

Speaking of rumbling, I’d like to discover some good, new music this break. Cruising to the beach in my van with a subwoofer dropping beats seems like a pretty good time to me. Whatever you do this spring break, do it well. Have fun and try not to do anything (too) stupid.


Lauren Yap

Features Editor

My final semester at San Diego State is almost done, so I must be celebrating with a wildly rambunctious spring break-palooza, right? No, not exactly. First of all, I live in San Diego. It’s not like I’ve been deprived of beaches and parties all semester long. I intend to spend my time off with the people I love and cherish most. My boyfriend is coming to San Diego to celebrate our anniversary with an ultimate weekend of uninterrupted relaxation—no iPods, iPhones or iAnything will disrupt my serenity. I plan to celebrate Easter with family and friends in my hometown. Although Thousand Oaks is pretty much the anti-party capital of the world, I remain undiscouraged. College forced me to never take homemade meals and Netflix marathons for granted. I will also apply for as many jobs as possible in America’s Finest City.  So, party on, my fellow Aztecs. I’ll be on the couch, snuggling with my dog in my onesie pajamas.

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DA editors share their spring break plans