SDSU strategic plan establishes campus priorities

by Staff

After months of planning and receiving feedback, San Diego State officials devised a plan that will establish the university’s priorities for the coming years.
Building on Excellence focuses on three institutional goals for the university. The goals will focus on student success; research and creative endeavors; and community
and communication.

The planning process began last year in July and received input from the SDSU and San Diego community. Each of the five task forces focused on a specific area, and a steering committee integrated its recommendations into the plan.

Associated Students President Rob O’ Keefe was one of the steering committee members who guided the
planning process.

“I think that the most important thing with the strategic plan was taking into account all the feedback from the university community,” O’Keefe said.  “SDSU has such an impact in the San Diego region that we had to include SDSU alumni and
the community.”

O’Keefe said input from the community was important because of SDSU’s immediacy in the region and the number of alumni who live in
the county.

One of the initiatives in the strategic plan is to help the San Diego region advance.

There are other initiatives in the strategic plan, such as enhancing creative arts on campus, incorporating transformational educational experiences and promoting student success, among other initiatives.

“The initiatives presented in the strategic plan chart an exciting course forward for the university,” SDSU President Elliot Hirshman told SDSU NewsCenter.

O’Keefe said this plan will help build on the successes of the university.