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Pizza Boss makes students an offer they can’t refuse

4_30_13_Features_PizzaBoss_KFSDespite the plethora of pizza places in San Diego, it can still be difficult to find one with low prices, fresh ingredients and impressive variety. The latest pizza addition near San Diego State, Pizza Boss, manages to provide all three with its mafia-themed approach.

SDSU alumna Karen Barzilai is the general manager of Pizza Boss. Barzilai said she always knew she wanted to own a business and understood the busy tendencies of College Square. Once Cal Copy moved, she decided to open a new Pizza Boss. The restaurant opened in April.

“I’ve always been obsessed with pizza, so it just turned out to be an awesome thing,” Barzilai said.

It’s the mafia theme Pizza Boss embodies that makes Barzilai confident her restaurant has a unique presence compared to its competitors. The theme is visible from the wall decorations to the menu.

“I want to take the theme and explode it into something, because I know it could be something great,” Barzilai said.

Posters of “The Godfather,” “Goodfellas” and other Italian gangster movies line the walls. Even the pizzas are named after these mafia members, with such names as Robert De Niro, Frank Sinatra and Al Capone.

Barzilai said everything is homemade and fresh, including the dough and sauce.


“When you reheat it that second time, it becomes even that much crispier.”

Barzilai said the prices are ideal for students, considering the great deal of two slices and a drink for $6.

“When people think pizza, I want people to think Pizza Boss,” Barzilai said.

SDSU English freshman Danielle Sawan has worked at Pizza Boss since March and said she personally loves the Lucky Luciano—a pizza topped with olive oil, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, artichokes, tomatoes, ricotta cheese and red onions.

Sawan is a vegetarian and said she’s impressed with the number of vegetarian options Pizza Boss offers.

“I just ordered a pizza the other day and I didn’t feel full or gross after,” Sawan said. “It’s just really light.”

The thin crust and freshness of the pizza is why Sawan prefers Pizza Boss to the local competitors. She also enjoys how quick and easy it is to get a meal.


Similar to the homemade components of the pizzas, the restaurant itself consists of homemade tables and furniture. Unlike other pizza places in the area, Pizza Boss is spacey and provides room to hang out with friends. There are small and large wooden tables available for all group sizes. It has a casual, fun ambiance and doesn’t give off a fast-food vibe.

“It’s definitely a college friendly atmosphere,” Sawan said.

Pizza Boss is currently open until midnight from Sunday to Wednesday and until 2 a.m. from Thursday to Saturday. Barzilai is eager to get the beer distribution up and running, because she’s planning on selling craft and locally brewed beers. She said the restaurant will have a happy hour once it’s established.

There are currently 14 types of pizza on the menu ranging from $10.95 to $20.95. For $10.95, customers can also build their own pizza, paying an additional $1-$2 for each extra topping.

Caesar salad with or without chicken, house salad and cheesy bread are available for less than $10. Barzilai said she wants to put lasagna on the menu in the future, and will be trying out new combinations through trial and error.

Barzilai ultimately wants the restaurant to be oriented around the college community by meeting the wants of most hungry students.

“You get your pizza in minutes and it doesn’t break your bank,” Barzilai said.

For any customer who can’t make it to the College Square location on College Avenue, Pizza Boss also delivers within a 3-mile radius. Delivery is free for orders totaling more than $20. Current deals, recommendations and updates can be found on the restaurant’s Facebook page “Pizza Boss SDSU.”


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Pizza Boss makes students an offer they can’t refuse