Art students design new public library logo

by Staff

The San Diego Public Library staff collaborated with San Diego State art students to create a new logo for the library.

The library staff chose the logo designed by art student Lauren Fickling, according to SDSU NewsCenter.

Ten students, enrolled in the graphic design class Art 541 taught by instructor Min Choy, were invited by the library to assist in the redesign by creating three logos each.

The process began in spring 2012, when the art students met with SDPL officials Mel Katz and Jay Hill to discuss a new logo and branding system for the library.

The students toured the Central Library building downtown and consulted with the architect, Rob Quigley, to learn about his visions for the building.

The new logo will feature the colors teal and orange, as well as the Central Library’s characteristic architecture. The orange in the logo symbolizes San Diego’s sunsets and sunny hills and the teal will represent ocean waves from the city’s beaches, according to a press release.

“Our move to this new building also represents a rebirth for the entire SDPL system; the new logo and rebranding efforts reflect that mindset,” SDPL library director Deborah Barrow told SDSU NewsCenter.

The old logo, which has been used since the 1980s, will be retired.

“It’s an exciting time for the new Central Library, which is set to open later this year,” anthropology senior and SDPL employee Jorge Rosas said. “It’s a new era for the library and the new logo reflects that.”

The grand opening of the Central Library is set for Sept. 28.