Sony unplugs Microsoft with stunner conference


Courtesy of Cody Franklin

by Max Saucedo

u9zUtnqMicrosoft had had their day in the sun. A lead in console sales, a superior online experience, and a slew of exclusives titles and content all in their corner, like a prize fighter on a roll. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, as the saying goes did not seem to apply to Microsoft and their lofty position as the leader in games. And on June 10, 2013 at E3, Sony reminded them that a new reign has begun.

Like a locomotive of old, Sony began its ascension slowly. A quick recap of the PlayStation 3 and Vita, promising exclusive content for both consoles. Then it happened. They unveiled the new Play Station 4. It was slick. It looks like the state of Tennessee, with angles at both ends. After that it all becomes blurry. Like a scene from an old grindhouse movie, it got bloody. The attitude Sony adopted was one of, “All your Base are belong to us.” They systematically destroyed Microsoft at every turn. “So you have exclusive “Call of Duty: Ghosts” content,” they scoffed. “We have exclusive “Destiny” content.” While Microsoft continues to wallow in its own excesses, Sony embraces not only third party publishers, but the indie gamers out there, announcing over 8 brand new Indie games to be on the PS4. “Secret Ponchos,” “Ray’s the Dead,” “Transistor”, “Outlast,” and more all seemed to continually push the chips more and more in Sony’s favor as the conference went on.

And then they brought out the heavy hitters, “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag”, and “Watchdogs”, both from Ubisoft. While “Black Flag” looked gorgeous, technical errors caused it to be cut shortly. “Watchdogs”, very quickly brought pace back, stringing action and story together until in a crescendo of blackouts, gunshots, and smartphones, the protagonist roared off in a boat as the screen faded to black.

Normally that would have been enough. Many a console has been announced and an avalanche of games announced with it and been content. But not Sony. They watched the Microsoft conference earlier today. They smelled blood in the water. And just like in Jaws, you could almost begin to hear the song that terrified a nation begins to play. Sony began circling in the second half of the show, as the question slowly came down to three things: price, used games, and always online, the same three things Microsoft had tried and received an unquestionable roar of dissatisfaction. “Yes, its $499. Yes, you can only give used games once. Yes, it must be online every 24 hours to play your games.”

Sony took note. And they proceeded to smash windows, flip desks, and break all the rules.

“Yes, its $399. Yes, PS4 supports used games. And no, you do not have to be online to play your games.” We rely on these companies to bring us new games and consoles with the best deals.

All hail the king.