“Oh, What a Day”

by David Dixon

Saturday was extremely busy and for many it was the most overwhelming because of the large crowds and long lines. However, that doesn’t bother me and if Friday was the day of the underdog, today provided the opportunity to watch all kinds of stars cutting loose. Many actors and actresses talked about the projects they promoted with energetic and down-to-earth charisma.

Steve Callaghan, Alex Borstein Rich Appel and Seth Green

In Ballroom 20, I watched panels for two of my favorite cartoon series, “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy.” What shocked me was that the “Family Guy” panel was significantly better. This is because voice actors such as Alex Borstein, Seth Green and Patrick Warburton consistently had very funny responses to the audience’s questions. While I always liked the “Family Guy” panels, the performers seemed in an especially good mood talking about Seth MacFarlane’s sitcom.

Seth Meyers et al.

One of my favorite experiences this summer at Comic-Con was a round table for Seth Meyers, new internet cartoon comedy, “The Awesomes.” The two cast members who stood out the most were “Saturday Night Live” members Taran Killam and Meyers. Both of them were not afraid to talk about their love of comic books and the convention itself. By the end, their nerdiness was in full display as Killam and Meyers randomly sang the theme song to “Adventures of the Gummy Bears” from different parts of the room. It was obvious that these hilarious buddies were having the time of their lives. Their giddy enthusiasm was contagious.

Creator/host of “Beyond the Trailer” Grace Randolph and yours truly in line for Marvel Studios press panel.

If I had more space and time, I’d blog about my experiences at the Marvel Studios Press Panel, meeting various Internet stars, and getting to see many famous celebrities in the Exhibit Hall. However, for now you will just have to read my tweets as well as Caitlin Johnson’s blog posts.