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New eatery serves up student and canine cuisine


The latest restaurant to come near San Diego State is making tails wag, literally. Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar is the newest addition to Mission Valley where people can enjoy fine dining at a reasonable price with their pooches by their side.

What makes this restaurant unique is its friendly atmosphere for dogs and college students alike.  Dogs can be found lounging outside on the dog-friendly patio as their owners sip drinks and enjoy a meal while basking in the sun. When the sun goes down, the bar thrives with its countless drink options and vivacious feel.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar General Manager Allen Lovett says it’s a restaurant that offers unbeatable deals accompanied by a fun atmosphere.

“There’s kind of a happy hour vibe going on at all times,” Lovett said.Photo by Bridget Chapman, Staff Writer

Figuring out what to order is the most difficult part of the meal considering the various mouthwatering options. It’s one of those “we’re going to need another minute” types of restaurants with the expansive menu.

“We definitely like to have things that maybe are a little bit more interesting, a little out of the box,” Lovett said. “But maybe not so far that it’s going to scare guests away from trying something.”

The menu is graced by weekend brunch meals, small plates, lunch and dinner meals along with dessert options. The beauty of this menu is that it offers dishes for all types of eating preferences. Vegetarians, gluten-free eaters and meat lovers can all find something suitable to their likings.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar also carries its uniqueness into its scratch kitchen where many of the meal’s ingredients are made right in the building. Having this freshness amplifies the quality and taste of the dishes.

“We always like to have traditional dishes, but then have our own powerful spin on them,” Lovett said.

Alcoholic beverages are crafted in the kitchen by Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar’s executive chef. Lovett said the most popular item right now is the chef’s handcrafted 10th anniversary beer.

The chicken lettuce cups are a great starting point for the meal as they embody the freshness and high-quality taste promoted by the staff. Top them off with the sweet sesame soy sauce and the concoction is sure to exhilarate all taste buds.

The sun-dried tomato pesto penne is a large pasta dish with so many delectable flavors, it will make dessert seem like an impossible task. However, the prepared diner will know to save room for the butter cake, which tastes similar to a giant warm butter cookie, topped with ice cream and decorated with strawberries.

SDSU English and television film and new media senior Nick Henggeler has worked at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar since June and thinks the generous portions and affordable pricing make it shine when compared to competitors.

“I think what sets Lazy Dog (Restaurant & Bar) apart from other restaurants is the fact that we make everything from scratch, the variety of our menu is insane and it encapsulates everything you could want in a restaurant,” Henggeler said.

He said the restaurant is family friendly, but also has a fully equipped bar. He added that Sunday through Friday happy hour offers food and drinks that won’t drain the bank account. All happy hour options range from $3-6.

Even though the restaurant’s opening day was June 27, it can already be found packed on a Friday night.

Henggeler’s favorite item on the menu is the pot roast beef dip with Cajun fries.

“It is seriously the best,” he said.

SDSU management senior and Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar hostess Claire Goof said the restaurant’s hospitality is a key element in keeping customers satisfied.

“We may be a chain restaurant, but we want each customer to feel like this is his or her go-to neighborhood spot, where the server knows his or her name and special order,” Goof said.

She said they want all customers to feel like they can be “lazy dogs” while they eat and have their needs met. As a hostess she said she has already received positive feedback from customers as they request specific servers they’ve grown fond of.

For those who are not fans of eating alone or prefer the company of their pets to their human friends, they are more than welcome to bring along their canine companions.

“Whether its a Great Dane or a teacup Chihuahua, we will bring out a complimentary dog bowl of water and have a couple selections from our dog food menu,” Henggeler said.

The Mission Valley restaurant is the 12th location of the chain and with the expansive menu, affordable pricing, late nights and excellent service, it’s sure to not be the last.


Editor’s note: This article was originally published with the restaurant name Lazy Dog Cafe and has been corrected to Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar.

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San Diego State University’s Independent Student Newspaper Since 1913
New eatery serves up student and canine cuisine