Ending with a bang

by David Dixon

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Best Comic-Con Sunday ever! At least that’s what I thought throughout the day where many calories were burned from heavy-duty walking. It began with a visit to the Spill.com booth. For those unfamiliar with the discussion and news site, it has comedic and audio reviews of movies and videos games. I was able to ask the creator and star, Korey Coleman, about his favorite film of the year so far. Ironically enough, his number one pick is the same as mine, “Mud.” If you haven’t seen the Mark Twain-esque drama starring Matthew McConaughey, I highly recommend it.

Spill.com's Korey Coleman

Spill.com’s Korey Coleman

While meandering through the Exhibit Hall, I saw Bobby Moynihan from “Saturday Night Live” and “The Awesomes.” To my great surprise, he recognized me from the press roundtable that I attended yesterday. Based on my prior questions, he obviously knew that I am a huge fan of “SNL” and watch it religiously. Caitlin Johnson, copy editor and features writer for The Daily Aztec, also came and hobnobbed it with the “SNL” actor.

My bud, Bobby Moynihan

My bud, Bobby Moynihan

After that, we went outside to investigate the venues that featured a tie-in to Comic-Con. Having gone to the Con for the last ten years, it is amazing and incredible to see just how the pop culture phenomenon has permeated the entire Gaslamp area.

Two-time Oscar nominated cartoonist, Bill Plympton

Two-time Oscar nominated cartoonist, Bill Plympton

The best Comic-Con Sunday ever wrapped up with me getting an autograph from the two-time Oscar nominated cartoonist, Bill Plympton. He seemed like a genuinely nice and sincere guy. Reaffirming what I blogged about before , that Comic-Con somehow brings out the best in all geeks.

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