End of summer lovin’

End of summer lovin

by Elisse Miller

As students start to tuck away their beach bags and reach for their backpacks, many anticipate the chaos of the upcoming school year.  Job changes, new classes, moving from apartment to apartment and, of course, maintaining relationships.  The flirt-inducing beams of the sun often cause fast and passionate relationships.  But as the fall draws near, many wonder if their summer flings are worth keeping.  Here are some factors to consider:


Time commitment

Surprisingly, most students reject the appeal of summer school for a three-month long vacation, which consists of sleeping in, lounging at the beach and partying until the sun comes up.  Unfortunately, that luxurious lifestyle is taken away once midterms, internships and club involvement become a reality.  It’s easy to have time for a significant other when nothing else is demanding your attention, but sometimes it is near impossible to schedule quality dates once academics come into play.  You have to ask yourself if you have enough time to devote to another person and if they are even worth your now valuable time.  It is important to consider your schedule preemptively, so that you don’t leave your partner feeling lonely half way through the semester when it is clear that you don’t have the time for him or her.



The saying goes “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” but sometimes absence simply makes the heart grow disinterested.  As you and your partner return to school, you may suddenly find thousands of miles have gotten in between you two.  Long-distance relationships require extra effort and planning.  And let’s face it—not everyone is capable of such a commitment.  Along with the energy that goes into care packages and weekly Skype dates, you must also be able to fully trust your partner in order to have a healthy long-distance relationship.  Uncertainty regarding your partner’s faithfulness to you when you’re not around will only lead to low self-confidence, accusations and arguments.  Only enter a long-distance relationship with a trustworthy partner who is worth the months of waiting.


Strength of feelings

Maybe your summer fling was just that—a fling.  Summer relationships tend to have a carefree vibe that encourages a lack of commitment.  However, as your life turns toward the more serious side, maybe your relationship should as well.  If you know your romance is not headed down a deeper path and will continue to be based solely on physical attraction, consider the fact that it may be time to ditch your partner and focus on more important aspects of your life.  Your feelings will be tested once your life picks back up at full speed, and weak feelings will only get weaker.  On the other hand, if you and your partner feel strongly about each other, most obstacles will be easily overcome by the love you two share.


As with all issues, communication is essential to a healthy relationship.  Whether you’re breaking up or staying together, it is always important to talk with your partner and never leave him or her in the dark about your feelings.  If you’re having doubts, your partner is most likely having them as well.  Staying on the same page will make the transition from summer lovin’ to fall coziness all the easier.