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Get to know your Associated Students officers

From left to right: Morgan Chan, Mariah Kelly, Josh Morse, Becca Cohen, Javier Gomez

President and CEO: Josh Morse

According to Associated Students bylaws, the president and CEO calls and oversees meetings, chairs the College Council President’s Association, represents A.S. at events and meetings and chairs the A.S. Council Executive Committee. The president is also responsible for the daily decisions that must be made on behalf of the students, among other tasks.

“The most important part of my job is to ensure that A.S. is upholding its values, working diligently to enhance student life through our social, recreational, cultural, and educational programs, as well as maintaining maximum efficiency as a not-for-profit corporation,” Morse said.

During his time in office, Morse plans to strengthen the relationship between A.S. and the university to optimize the San Diego State college experience.

Morse is a finance senior and has been involved in on campus organizations since his freshman year, including the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, Guardian Scholars Program, Peer Leadership Consultants and Rotaract.

[quote]Fun Fact: “I helped SDSU fundraise more than $2 million for former foster youth.”[/quote]


Executive Vice President: Becca Cohen

A.S. bylaws state the vice president will act as a stand-in for the president during times of absence and will assume the role if the president leaves office. The vice president also serves as a chair of the Committee on Committees, Board and Committees Chair’s Association along with the Facilities Board and the A.S. Student Affairs Board. The vice president works with the athletics department and acts as chair of the Homecoming Steering Committee.

“I feel the three most important responsibilities as the executive vice president are fostering leadership within and outside of A.S., addressing the cocurricular needs of our students and enhancing the morale and Aztec pride of our university,” Cohen said.

As vice president, Cohen plans to enhance the meaning of being an Aztec and create new SDSU traditions, such as establishing an alumni event at homecoming.

Cohen is a hospitality and tourism management senior and an active member of Pi Beta Phi, the Restructuring Committee, the Cultural Arts and Special Events board, Student Affairs Board and the University Affairs Board. She also served two terms as A.S. Council representative for the Panhellenic Association.

[quote]Fun Fact: “My long-term goal is to start my own women empowerment nonprofit for young women.”[/quote]


Vice President of External Relations: Javier Gomez

According to A.S. bylaws, the vice president of external relations must act as an exofficio member of all boards, college councils, organizations and committees of A.S. and attend meetings on a regular basis. Gomez will be responsible for informing A.S. of any news in the California State University system or the state Legislature that could impact SDSU students. He will act as representative of A.S. and serve as a voting member in the University Senate, as well as oversee research and development.

“The most important part of my job is making sure that we, as a government, are effectively communicating with students and ensure students know what is going on in A.S.,” Gomez said.

During his time in office, Gomez plans to stimulate communication between students and the community.

Gomez is a political science senior and a member of Phi Gamma Delta, also known as “Fiji.” Gomez serves as a member of the External Affairs Board, Restructuring Committee, Awards Committee and vice president of financial affairs for the College of Arts and Letters Council.

[quote]Fun Fact: “I have been in movies and commercials, including ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and ‘Easy A.’”[/quote]


A.S. Vice President of Financial Affairs and Chief Finance Officer: Mariah Kelly

According to A.S. bylaws, the vice president of financial affairs will chair the A.S. Finance Board, regularly attend all other board, council and committee meetings and report on financial affairs. Kelly will serve as financial administrator for A.S. and oversee A.S. business management staff. Additionally, she will suggest financial policy for A.S. and review and approve claim schedules for disbursements of funds.

“The most important part of my job is staying well connected to the spirit of the students and their interests. In working with the Associated Students budget, my job is to ensure that our funds are always used to create the best possible Aztec experience for all students,” Kelly said.

One of Kelly’s main focuses is restructuring the Finance Committee to give members time to investigate divisional budgets and ensure commitments to students’ interests are being sufficiently met.

Kelly is a business management senior and has also been involved on campus as president of the Afrikan Student Union, a member of Aztec Shops Board of Directors, Rotaract and the K.O. Hip-Hop Team.

[quote]Fun Fact: “I performed at halftime at the unforgettable 2011 Aztecs vs. BYU men’s basketball game.”[/quote]


Vice President of University Affairs and Chief Academic Officer: Morgan Chan

A.S. bylaws state the vice president of university affairs must regularly attend meetings, help the A.S. Library Advisory Committee, chair the College Council’s President’s Association and make sure students are represented in the University Senate. She must also serve as the A.S. voting representative in the Senate Executive Committee, University Senate Academic Policy and Planning Committee and the Undergraduate Council. She will also work with the president to appoint student representatives to university senate committees, inform the council on Senate related news and oversee research and development.

“The most important part of my job is representing the students in my work with administrators, faculty and staff in the University Senate on decisions that will affect campus life and policies, and working with each of the college councils to promote academic success within their colleges,” Chan said.

Chan plans to collaborate with the college councils to strengthen engagement between students and their colleges and use her role in the University Senate to represent students.

[quote]Fun Fact:  “My dream is to live in Paris, take pastry classes, and open a bakery cafe.”[/quote]

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Get to know your Associated Students officers