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Series teaches publishing skills

Series teaches publishing skills
Mikael Damkier

Written in collaboration with Melissa Artobello

Publishing a book is every writer’s dream, but after the excitement has worn off, the reality of the publication process is perhaps even more stressful than the exhausting writing process.

Between cover designs, headshots and websites, where does an author begin? Event planner Susan McBeth and author Midge Raymond have teamed up to bring answers to newly published writers.

McBeth, founder and owner of Adventures by the Book, collaborated with Raymond to introduce the Author Academy. The Author Academy is a series of workshops targeted toward new authors to give them the knowledge they need to properly market a book.

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The first workshop, entitled “The Inaugural Workshop: Everyday Book Marketing,” will be held on Sept. 29 and taught by Raymond, author of “Everyday Book Marketing.”  The workshop is an interactive and in-depth version of Raymond’s book, which gives insight into the marketing aspect of publishing a novel. The inspiration behind “Everyday Book Marketing” stemmed from the struggles Raymond faced while publishing her first work.

“Basically, I wrote it for people to avoid the mistakes I made,” Raymond said.

Serving as the workshop’s sponsor, Adventures by the Book is a local company that gives audiences unique experiences with their favorite authors. Instead of traditional book signings and lectures, Adventures by the Book offers readers the chance to have a more interesting and memorable experience with books.

“My passion is connecting people and communities through books,” McBeth said.

Raymond’s expertise in the publishing industry teams up with McBeth’s extensive experience with event planning. Following the publication of Raymond’s book, McBeth realized the importance of bringing Raymond’s information to new authors. The light bulb went off and the Author Academy was born. The publishing industry is complex and confusing to handle alone, but McBeth believes it’s crucial to develop an understanding of how to market books.

These interactive workshops teach authors, either traditionally or self-published, the basics of book promotion. At the end of the workshop, each attendee will walk away with a custom outline for their personal book marketing plan.

“Every workshop is focused on making something happen so they’re not stuck,” McBeth said.

Both women have a wealth of experience in their respective fields. After publishing her poetry through a university press, Raymond started working as a teacher’s assistant after one of her professors asked her to substitute for a day. She agreed, and immediately fell in love with teaching. Raymond has taught in universities and at seminars and workshops comparable to the Author Academy.

Similarly, McBeth is a successful event planner and also a San Diego State alumna. She originally majored in business management, until she fell in love with a literature course during her final semester. McBeth then returned to get her master’s in comparative literature. Both women discovered their passions by accident, but now they direct their wisdom and talent with a resolute purpose.

These women understand the necessary networks in the writing and publishing industries. The Author Academy aims to give aspiring authors the foundation they need to succeed. Raymond hopes the workshop will give writers a network to connect with.

“You really need community as a writer,” Raymond said.

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Series teaches publishing skills