Venue features unforgettable acts

by David Dixon

Some of the best concert experiences are at outdoor venues where attendees can enjoy great music with friends and family under the stars. The Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Chula Vista is a perfect example of this particular kind of environment.

The location has an expansive vibe and is so large it can be confusing to navigate for first time-visitors. Be prepared to walk a lot to find your seats before a show begins.

The seating is comfy, but there is also a lawn area that costs significantly less than a regular ticket. The downside to this is that you can only see the performers on the large monitors. However, the sound quality is so good it doesn’t take away from the experience too much.

The acoustics at the amphitheatre are some of the best I have heard in any San Diego arena. Even with many people cheering and conversing, it’s still easy to primarily focus on the stage.

I recently visited the site to see the Dave Matthews Band featuring Gary Clark Jr. as the opener. I was blown away by Clark Jr.’s guitar and vocal skills, and encourage people to see him perform at the House of Blues on Sept. 27.

Dave Matthews Band took full advantage of the space by incorporating surreal video footage into their act. It was a perfect setting for the Grammy winning group.

A word of advice for Aztecs planning on going to the Sleep Train Amphitheatre: remember to leave extremely early to get good parking. Traffic on the freeway is horrendous, so get on the road with plenty of time to spare. Supposedly there is a back way in, but I didn’t try it.

Once you arrive, however, incredible sound and a party-going atmosphere make the amphitheatre a fun place to watch all kinds of musicians perform. Did I mention the good food and drinks sold on the premises?

Tickets and information about concerts can be found through Live Nation’s website,

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Photo courtesy of Michael Bryant/Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT