Weekend Picks: Hi Fi Festival and Blue Caprice

by Alek Sanchez

Alek’s Pick

Hi Fi Festival

Above and Beyond are making its way to San Diego’s Petco Park Lot this Saturday, Oct. 5. Set to headline the first ever Hi Fi Festival, the tour de force trance trio has been paving the way for trance music ever since the group’s founding in 2000. A pioneer in the “vocal trance” genre, a huge part of Above and Beyond’s continued success is it is able to create and share with others. That, along with its stellar song writing and memorable lyrics, has helped Above and Beyond create a deep bond with them and the audience.

No matter how small or large the crowd seems to get, Above and Beyond’s music can single-handedly unite all. From 2004-12, the trio performed on their own radio show “Trance Around the World” and began another project, “Group Therapy Radio,” late last year. The three have also started a record label label, Anjunabeats, which has signed some of the biggest up-and-coming trance and electronic artists.

Also headlining with Above and Beyond are Kill Paris and Torro Torro, along with several other opening acts. Kill Paris and Torro Torro both bring a huge electro sound that’s set to energize the crowd and get everyone pumped up. Kill Paris has been making waves with his gloriously unapologetic live sets, mixing and mashing genres from all over. Each performance is a surprise in sound. Hi Fi Festival is a huge opportunity to see some of your favorite performers right here in San Diego, so don’t miss out.

Ryo’s Pick

Blue Caprice

Starting this Friday, Media Arts Center San Diego’s Digital Gym cinema will be screening Sundance Film Festival selection film “Blue Caprice.” The thriller is the directorial debut of Alexandre Moore. For the music fans, Arcade Fire members Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld composed the score for the movie. A chilly, beautiful piece of the score can be streamed on the official website.

“Blue Caprice” covers the story of the Beltway snipers who made headlines back in 2002. Moore sets up the story in a unique way. Instead of dramatizing the actual event, he focuses more on the father and son behind the assaults. How the two grew up and what happened in their lives before the shooting plays a big role in the plot. In a way, the structure of “Blue Caprice” is more similar to a mystery tale. The thrill is even greater because the horror the two will eventually commit is already known to the audience.

Be warned, Digital Gym will only be screening the intense drama from Oct. 4 to Oct. 10. Showtimes vary daily. Be sure to check out the Digital Gym cinema website and make plans accordingly.

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Photo courtesy of Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times/MCT