Zombies grooved to “Thriller” at Cuicacalli

Zombies grooved to Thriller at Cuicacalli

by Adriana Millar

On Oct. 30, the San Diego State Dining Room at Cuicacalli held a Halloween-themed event to promote the spirit of spookiness.

“Zombie Night,” hosted by SDSU Dining Services, featured a variety of monster-themed meals and desserts, from “dead fish” (sushi) to candy corn cake. A glittery curtain of smiling pumpkin streamers greeted diners upon entering the feast. Along with the food, there were plenty of decorations such as balloons and free candy at the tables.

Many dining services employees dressed up as zombies to complement the high-spirited haunted ambiance.

The Dining Room at Cuicacalli Suites General Manager Manager Luz Armenta said the annual event has been a success for the past three years.

“It’s super exciting,” Armenta said. “Every time feels like the first time.”

Student enthusiasm for Zombie Night drives the event, Armenta said.

“The students get really into it,” she said. “We wouldn’t do it if they weren’t.”

The event even attracted those who don’t have the school’s meal plan.

“I work in the market, so I saw the signs,” business senior Ambriana Thompson said. “I came for the sushi, and it did not disappoint.”

Around 6:30 p.m., a “Thriller” flash mob was put on by dining hall employees, complete with fog machines and costumes.

“Their costumes were all out—some girl was wearing zombie contacts,” psychology freshman Alanna Arno said.

Arno said the dance added to the festivities.

“I liked that they were really into it,” she said. “I really wanted to step in and start dancing with them.”


Photos by Kelly Smiley