SDSU awards faculty for their service

by Dave Spiva

Last Thursday, San Diego State hosted its 40th Annual Staff Awards Event to honor the 246 of staff members who work at the university.

“It’s an opportunity for the university to recognize the exceptional contributions that our staff made to every aspect of our program,” SDSU President Elliot Hirshman said. “We really value the opportunity to recognize everything our staff has done.”

Hirshman and Associated Students Executive Vice President Becca Cohen gave a speech about the staff’s contributions to the university.

“Thank you for making this such a wonderful and special place to be,” Cohen said. “I am so grateful.”

The majority of the awards were given to staff members who were recognized for their numerous years at SDSU.

Associate Vice President of Student Services Reggie Blaylock is one of many honored at the event. Blaylock was awarded for his 25 years of service to SDSU.

“It’s humbling to be a part of this,” Blaylock said.

The event gave recognition to the “behind-the-scenes heroes” of SDSU, Blaylock said.

In addition, Hirshman presented Presidential Faculty & Staff Excellence Awards to members of the staff.

Administrative Analyst of Enrollment Services Colette Gannaway received the Innovation award.

Gannaway worked to move forms and reports online for Enrollment Services, saving hundreds of hours of work for staff members each semester, Hirshman said.

Administrative Support Coordinator of the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences Karin Whited received the award for Service to the University.

Whited has a critical role in the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences’ success, Hirshman said.

Assistant to the Dean of the College of Education Marilyn Bredvold received the award for Staff-to-Staff Mentoring.

Study Abroad Coordinators Maribel Franco and Marisela LaPlante and Academic Advisor Maria Williamson of the International Business Program were also awarded for team effort.

“They are being honored for their leadership,” Hirshman said.

Hirshman also noted the International Business program is now ranked No. 8 in the nation.

The awards ceremony included many staff members supporting their co-workers receiving awards. The SDSU Center for Human Resources planned the event, which was held at Viejas Arena. Confidential office support for the Center for Human Resources Noelle Krueger said planning for the event started in April.

The Halloween-themed event featured competitions such as bobbing for apples and a costume contest, as well as prize giveaways.


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