Calling all muggles

by Courtney Brown

The San Diego Balboa Theatre welcomes “Potted Potter” this week from Nov. 6 to 10. The two-man parody takes on the challenge of giving audience members “the unauthorized Harry Potter experience” by condensing all seven “Harry Potter” books into 70 entertaining minutes. You don’t need to be a “potthead”—or even know the difference between a horcrux and Hufflepuff—to be completely entertained by this show.

“We attract die-hard fans that dress up but we also have tons of people who have never even seen the movies or read the books,” cast member James Percy said in an interview.

The fast-paced, interactive comedy has toured around the world including London, Asia and two seasons off-Broadway in New York.

“It’s great to see people from all over the world share such a strong connection to ‘Harry Potter,’ however American fans are by far the most into it,” Percy said. “Now that the movies have all been made and are off the radar, people are looking for a Harry Potter fix.”

Percy will be in the San Diego tour playing Harry while his co-star, Delme Thomas, plays the other 360 characters. That’s right, 361 characters, seven books, a fire-breathing dragon, a live Quidditch game with the audience and only two actors. Some might say it’s pure magic, others call it talent, but either way “Potted Potter” will be an unforgettable experience.

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Photo courtesy of Brian Friedman