Time for Pottheads to get their fix


by Courtney Brown

“Potted Potter – The Unauthorized Harry Experience” hit the stage for opening night at the Balboa Theater on November 5th. Families, hard-core Potter fans, and muggles of all ages welcomed the sold out “Harry Potter” parody. Two British actors, Jeff Turner and Dan Clarkson starred in the opening night event. The premise of the show is condensing all seven “Harry Potter” books into seventy hilarious minutes. While Jeff played Harry throughout the entirety of the play, Dan was left to play the remaining 359 characters. It may sound impossible, but that’s the beauty of magic.

The famous theme song rang through the aisles and announcements were being made over the loudspeaker to avoid using any unforgivable curses. The warm ambiance transformed the theater into Hogwarts and as audience members walked through the doors dressed as their favorite characters they were able to decide if they wanted to be a “Gryffindor”, “Slytherin”, “Ravenclaw” or “Hufflepuff” for the night. Viewers who had no idea what “Slytherin” was still got the most out of the performance. There were many in attendance that hadn’t read the novels, but they were roaring with laughter just as much as the loyal Potter fans.

The actors had the audience laughing and participating for the entire seventy minutes. The fast paced, witty parody captured the magic of the Potter world, yet had room for improv and situational irony. Dan and Jeff were forced to think on their feet and create banter that was specific to spectators. There was even a live “Quidditch” game that incorporated viewers. All of the familiar elements of “Harry Potter” were there, just with a little twist.

You don’t have to be a “Pott-Head” to understand the appeal of “Harry Potter,” and Dan and Jeff do an excellent job of reminding people of that. So if you’re a wizard, witch, werewolf, muggle or squib, check out the hilarious “Harry Potter” experience that’s being buzzed about around the globe. “

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Photo courtesy of Brian Firedman