Atlas Genius rocks the house

Atlas Genius rocks the house

by Courtney Brown

The House of Blues, known for its wide variety of music, presented a stellar lineup the week of Nov. 3. Headliner Atlas Genius was accompanied by Family of the Year and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

The rustic, grungy venue housed loyal groupies of the Aussie rock-pop group as well as curious House of Blues regulars. The intimate setting allowed fans to interact with the musicians and some band members even stuck around after the show to chat and sell merchandise.

Atlas Genius was highly anticipated by the crowd and welcomed by many shrieking teenage girls. The entire set consisted of songs from its new album, “When it Was Now,” which dropped in February. Front man Keith Jeffery had such an enthusiastic and compelling presence that it was as if he was born on stage. The band’s strong, original rock-and-roll influences, such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, showed through stage dives, guitar battles and a hint of sultry undertones. It’s hard to believe that the band was only discovered a few years ago. Its talent and command of the stage had even skeptics dancing and head banging.

Although Atlas Genius was the headlining performance of the night, Family of the Year and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. didn’t fade in the background. On the contrary, Family of the Year arguably stole the show. The punk-pop band, best known for “Hero,” had everyone talking throughout the night. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. were equally impressive. The duo combines indie pop, folk and electronic elements into one, psychedelic sound. Both of the bands on tour with Atlas Genius won many San Diego hearts. As always at the House of Blues, the music was bumpin’, the club was pumpin’ and the fans were jumpin’, but this particular night was one for the books.

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 Photo courtesy of Frank Maddocks