SDSU to host local bands tonight

by Courtney Brown

San Diego State University is hosting a lineup of local bands at Rhapsody Hall beginning at 7 p.m. One group of musicians worth checking out is Platypus Egg. Self-described as “circus-pop gypsy,” this band experiments with a colorful palate of instruments, such as the flute, tambourine, handclaps, melodica and contrabass. The female-fronted group hits the stage at 9:00 pm and features two SDSU students: Michelle Louden and Michael Bongiovanni. Anyone with an ear for music can appreciate the complex four-part harmonies.

In an interview, band member Ignacio Hernandez describes the music as “technical but lively-something everyone can dance to.”

The band’s different genres and cultural influences create a unique listening experience, to say the least. What further sets Platypus Egg apart from other bands is what drives its music.

Hernandez said what he’s looking most forward to on Friday is “playing in front of an audience of young people and hopefully inspiring someone to pursue their passion for music.”

This band has a lot of soul, and seems as if it would be fun to watch. Any SDSU students interested in supporting local bands or simply looking for a place to dance should catch Platypus Egg at 9 p.m. at Rhapsody Hall.


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